Solid relationships are based on trust, and trust is often created during the first acquaintance. Many visitors come into contact with your company for the first time via your website. So it's up to you to convince them quickly and sincerely that you are a reliable partner!

Are you looking for ways to increase the reliability and conversion of your website? We are happy to tell you how to make a good first impression right away.

Answer FAQs from customers

Visitors mainly look for solutions and information on your website. Sometimes they cannot find it immediately or they got extra questions. In this case, an FAQ page with the most frequently asked questions from your customers provides an immediate answer.

If necessary, the visitor can still call on your customer service of course. A customer service that helps your visitors in a friendly way contributes to a positive image of your company. Then you must of course be easily accessible.

Have others say a good word for you

You don't have to declare yourself a reliable player. Let others do this for you. Who better to give you a boost than your own customers?

In testimonials and reviews, customers share their experiences and feedback about your brand or product. That's how they become ambassadors for your company. Since visitors are more likely to buy from other people, this only works to your advantage.

Not only customers, but also professionals can put your company in the spotlight in a positive way. Think of partners, bloggers or influencers who mention your product on their website.

Offer a user-friendly website

The visitor's experience on your website is very decisive for your credibility. With a professional design, adapted to the branding of your company, you immediately make a good impression.

Nothing more annoying than a slow, faltering website where you can no longer see the trees through the forest. Your visitors also like a clear, user-friendly website without technical defects that navigates easily and provides them with the right information.

Install an SSL certificate

One last tip, but a crucial one: if your website is not yet running via a secure https connection (if in the navigation bar of your internet browser there is “http: //” before your domain name and no “https: //”) then More and more internet browsers are giving error messages. Potential visitors and customers drop by here.

So ask your web designing agency as soon as possible to prepare an SSL certificate for your website. Google and your visitors will thank you!

Because designing, building and managing websites is almost always custom work, professional agencies like Mooloo do not use standard rates for this. During an appointment, we determine what it takes to get your new website online. Immediately afterwards we prepare a quote and schedule.

Be a good host on your website

Again, when your visitor navigates through your website, they primarily wants to find the right information they are looking for. That is why you better leave out unnecessary proposals and annoying advertisements. Pop-ups are OK, but only if they don't interfere with the user experience. Think of a pop-up when a visitor leaves your website.

Ensure the privacy of your visitors

Whether you are managing a website or an online store, privacy and GDPR are something you should not lose sight of. Thanks to a privacy policy, and tell your visitors that their data is safe with you. You clearly explain how you as a company deal with the personal data of customers.

You want to sell products in your store. Clarity about things like prices, product information, warranty, and delivery information will persuade your customers to purchase.

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Misty Jhones