In case you decide to create your own company logo, or rather, use a program to create logos, these are some of the tools you can use:


This is one of the tools like "Juan Palomo, I stew it and I eat it". With it, you have at your disposal a series of graphic resources in the mode of images, icons and more, but you will have to compose your logo yourself.

Ease logo

Totally free (previous subscription) and one of the most recognized tools to create logos.

Square space

With Square space you just have to type the chosen name, add the shapes and symbols that you like the most and, in return, you will get a unique, 100% personalized logo.


Type the name of your company and you can generate a logo in a matter of seconds, just don't expect a wonder.

Factory logo

This online logo creator stands out as a simple, intuitive and free tool with which you can create your free logo in minutes.

Genie logo

This tool has the peculiarity that allows you to create images and symbols from the sector of your company. You can also add different texts and use the shapes and colors you choose.

Instant logo

Do not create your online logo with it, but what you do is choose a free and predesigned template that you then have to customize with programs such as canva or Adobe illustrator.


Once you have registered for free, you just have to build your logo with the symbols, texts and shapes that you decide. Ah, this tool also allows you to customize it by industry and colors.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I would like to point out that both free and paid tools, if they are in the hands of someone who is not qualified, can never replace the quality of work offered by a professional designer.

It seems obvious, I know, but if you stop for a moment to think about it you will agree with me that many people still believe that they can achieve professional results in any field in which it is proposed.

In my opinion, no matter how skilled you are in different subjects, you can get good or better results but the nuances that a professional brings to your work, which is difficult to match and I do not even tell you to overcome.

Advantages for your company to create logos designed by a professional

1. Improve your brand image

When your brand has a professional logo, people recognize it first.

Moreover, I dare to say that, not only does he know you but he identifies with your company.

2. Make a difference with your competitors

An attractive logo that is easy to understand and remember is key to distinguishing your brand from the competition.

I give you an example: If I see a product with a normal logo and next to that of Adidas, at equal prices, which of the two do you think I will decide?

3. Higher quality jobs

A professional can always provide you with higher quality work, look at it this way, having a professional specialized in logo design is like having a copywriter when it comes to “beautify” and optimize our texts and make them attractive and attractive. have "pull" among our audience.

The professional studies colors, spaces, fonts and many more parameters when designing your logo.

4. A more original and unique logo

One of the biggest problems of free tools is that you are limited to the options or templates offered by the platform.

5. You have the help and advice of an experienced person
Unless you hire a professional designer who is just beginning his career, the rest of the professionals will offer you a background in the form of experience that will undoubtedly help your logo stand out.

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Vivek is a master of Digital Media and assists our clients in planning their 360 degree online campaigns right from SEO to SMO. He has over eight years of experience in this segment and updates himself continually with the evolving medium. His area of expertise includes digital marketing, graphic design, content strategy, analytics, project management and strategic planning.