Lots of People want to do work out with the best practices but they don't learn it. The body can be trained for to burn fat instead of carbs, but it takes a lot of tricks.

1 Do not Work out too Hard: Heart rate number to take advantage of the body of carbohydrates or fat. Your hard heart rate too lazy to play sports for long, and not have time to burn fat. Keep your heart rate low, so malt move slowly enough so that training does not stop inadvertently cut short. Heart rate must stay below the aerobic threshold. Then the body takes energy from fats. Aerobic threshold is about 60 per cent of their maximum heart rate. If a long-running up the hill to the fullest and believes the meter, where the heart rate increases. The exact maximum heart rate cannot figure fee-paying fitness test.

2 Do Exercise when you Empty : Also, diet can affect the body fat. If you eat carbs right before exercise, the body primarily to take advantage of them. Try a range of workout on an empty stomach, because then the body will learn to utilize fats. Training feels heavy, but more efficient fat burning. Such a workout recovery will take time.

3 Eat Immediately After your Workout: If you does not eat immediately after your workout, hunger strikes later, more terrible. The body should be carbohydrates and proteins within a half hour workout. Prefer vegetables. When they fill the stomach, hearty food is not eaten too much.

4. Vary the Types that you do not get Bored: Be able to work out for a longer stretch of the practice time more than one species. Species variation also prevents injuries. - In swimming, and cycling stress injuries rarely get.

5 Fat Burn Fat: One theory is that low-carb, high-fat diet, but directs the body to use fat as energy efficient. So get fat eating the body to burn fat more efficiently.

6 Do not Eat too much Protein: Protein keeps you feeling fuller, so it's best to eat, but not too much. Body which is large size does not need any more protein than two grams per kg of body weight per day. The surplus is stored as fat on the body.

7 Body need also Rest: Long-lasting, lightweight body needs a workout in addition to muscle toning, but also remember to rest. When the strain on the muscles on a regular basis, energy consumption and the fat will return to sleep mode. Muscular fitness workouts also need to lean, because even a small body can accumulate a lot of fat.

8 Do not at in the Evening: Regular meal intervals makes sense, because then it becomes effect your smaller portions of your body. The worst mistake is to leave in the morning without eating, nibble on during the day and put away for the evening: If you do not eat during the day, the body is largely untapped. If, however, the evening pulls a big meal before going to bed, the energy is not used, and it is stored in the body as fat.

All excess energy is stored in the body as fat, regardless of whether the carbohydrate, protein or fat.

9 Do not believe in Short Cuts: Caffeine and chili products containing told to boost metabolism and increase in energy consumption. However, their effect is negligible. The best resonate with the right diet and meal rhythm.

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