You’ve likely heard the saying, “Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.” But if you did take it for an answer in the past, it’s possible you never saw your idea or plan through to a successful completion.

No matter where you travel in life or what you accomplish, there are always roadblocks and naysayers ready to shoot down your ideas.

While you can’t change that, what you can adjust is the way you react to roadblocks in your travels so that you are able to keep your eyes on the prize…your idea, implemented. Let’s take a look at some effective ways to do just that.

1. Keep your “WIIFM” written and visible. “WIIFM” is your “What’s in it for me?” statement. It is your inner reason for why you want to bring your idea to reality. Let your inner reason statement – your WIIFM – remind you of why you’re taking action to implement your idea.

2. Establish accountability partners. If you have someone else to whom you feel responsible for your idea progress, you are more likely to follow through with your intentions. Accountability partners can be just you and another person, a group of like-minded individuals, industry masterminds, or executive advisory boards. Choose a partnership that lends expertise and positivity to your idea.

3. Create a vision board and keep it visible. A vision board is any medium you use to display images that represent what you want to accomplish in your life or your profession. The medium may be paper, cardboard, poster board, or cloth. There are online tools that enable you to create a “virtual” vision board. You find pictures and words that represent your dreams and goals in life and secure them to your vision board. Once created, make sure you mount your vision board in an area you see regularly (if it’s a tangible physical board) or that you can access regularly from your computer or mobile phone.

4. Make hard decisions about friends and family. Sometimes your closest friends and family members can be your biggest roadblocks and naysayers. That’s typically because they care about you. When they say, “Oh, but you could get hurt!”, consider that they say this out of concern for your well-being. How much you reveal to them about your idea or to what extent they’ll be permitted to help you can eliminate some detours and dead ends on your path to implementing a great idea. Doing so may allow less room for hard feelings later. At times you may just have to let someone go or place them in the background of your life in order to move forward with your idea.

5. Associate with people who will support you – emotionally and otherwise. The journey from idea conception to implementation can be a lengthy one, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. Make a conscious effort to network with others in your industry or area of interest. Form project partnerships and alliances with those who have been down your road before, or are passionate about your idea. If you can benefit from additional education in order to implement your idea, sign up for a class and interact with other people of like mindsets.

6. Get away from familiar surroundings. Whether you take a vacation or just a day to have some fun, engaging in something other than working on your idea allows you to come back refreshed and with new perspectives.

7. Listen to and read positive messages. There is a never-ending supply of inspiring and motivational web sites, podcasts, and self-help books that can help you move forward with your idea. Read, listen to, and watch regularly to feed your mind, keep it nourished with positive messages, and maintain your success mindset for idea journey.

8. Get rest, eat well (healthy), and get a medical check-up. In order to persist with your idea for the long haul, your mind and body must be able to perform. Keep your physical self tuned-up and detailed for maximum performance throughout your journey.

9. Ask a kid (or someone younger than you) if “it can be done”. Let the knowledge and perspectives of younger generations guide you in accomplishing your goals. With their exposure to new technology, youth can help you discover the potential value of using the next best thing as tools in your toolbox of resources. They feel valued in the process.

BONUS – Number 10! Look within yourself. Return to your “WIIFM” to see if it’s still your drive and your passion. Then continue in spite of naysayers and roadblocks.

When you move to push your idea or plan to completion, roadblocks to your journey are inevitable. Follow these strategies along the way for encouragement and the “breaths of life” you need to stay energized, motivated, encouraged, and engaged in making your idea a reality.

Author's Bio: 

Sylvia Henderson is Chief Everything Officer (CEO) of Springboard Training—your springboard to personal and professional development. She is an author, workshop facilitator, speaker, and business woman. She provides people, tools and resources that focus on professionalism and work ethics (employability skills) and leadership...helping people & organizations show they are as great as they say they are.