Mostly during analysis, people found to have almost similar sperm count. Sperm count is considered as an important factor that determines fertility. Sperm count is the total number of sperms present in a semen's sample.

Based on many studies, a healthy sperm count is considered to be 15 million per ml. Sperm count less than 10 million per millilitre is regarded as abnormal and is associated with infertility in men.

There are many factors that affect the level of testosterone in men. This can leave a great impact on the quality and the number of sperm. Below are the most effective ways to improve male fertility and increase sperm count.

1. Exercise Daily

Exercise can improve sperm count in men, who are overweight or obese. Several studies claim that men can increase their sperm concentration and volume with aerobics. It is not necessary to spend long hours in the gym, but just 30 minutes of daily activity can show significant results.

2. Reduce Stress

Stress, to a greater extent, affects male fertility. Whenever the body is in stress, it starts to take defensive action and saves energy. At this time, the body does not concentrate on reproduction and is more focused on surviving.

To reduce the stress, you need to understand its cause and try to do away with it. Besides, doing some exercises to relax and by having a healthy diet, the ill effects of stress can be reduced.

Anti-anxiety medicines can be taken by men, who face severe stress but only after consulting a physician.

3. Intake of Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Having food that is rich in antioxidants can help improve fertility in men. Antioxidants are those molecules that help the body to deactivate and remove free radicals that damage body cells. Many vitamins and minerals act like antioxidants and as per many studies, having antioxidants can improve sperm count and quality in men.

4. Medications to Increase Sperm Count

Men with low sperm count should take medicines for the same, but only after consulting their doctors. There are many drugs and medicines that can cure infertility. With some change in the diet, lifestyle and by taking some prescribed medicines, men can improve their sperm count and fertility.

5. Food To Increase the Sperm Count

While supplements rich in vitamins and other nutrients are suggested to increase sperm count, the nutrients in them may not get easily absorbed by the body, It is therefore recommended to consume foods containing all those essential vitamins and minerals that our body can absorb easily. There are many scientifically proven foods that boost testosterone level.

To increase their sperm count, men should consume foods that are packed with sperm-friendly nutrients.

6. Stop Smoking and Drinking

Studies have proven that drinking and smoking affect fertility in men. Such men addicted to smoking and drinking have low sperm count. It is very important to quit smoking and drinking to improve fertility and sperm count in men.

7. Avoid Eating Unhealthy Fat

Men, who eat unhealthy foods with increased intake of trans fat have a lower sperm count. This effects male fertility.

Some studies suggest that trans fatty acids reduce the potential of long-chain polyunsaturated fats to get into sperm membranes, which is a crucial step in the development of sperm cells.

8.Increase the Intake of Healthy Fat

Polyunsaturated fats or the so-called, healthy fats like omega-6 and omega-3 are important for the development of a healthy sperm membrane. As per many studies, an equal amount of these two omega compounds is important to be consumed by men for the normal development of sperms.

9.Fenugreek supplement

There are infertility treatments in Ayurveda that should one can go for. Many Ayurvedic herbs are used in supplements to improve fertility in men. Supplements made from fenugreek are being used to improve the production of sperms.

Fenugreek in supplements and also in Ayurveda is a natural way to improve the quality and count of sperm.

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