It has become almost a cliché— modern life is often full of stress, and almost everyone is too busy to deal with it ironically. Excuse it away and say we work best under stress, stress is a great motivator, it can be easy. This is partly true; the good type of stress, known as "eustress," helps us to capture the moment and encourages us to reach a tangible goal.

There is also bad stress on the flip side, called "distress," which in the long run can be harmful. Our bodies respond by secreting a hormone called cortisol when we face any type of stress in our daily lives. Cortisol is useful in helping us to react to temporary stress, such as timing stress. However, scientists say too much cortisol can lead to weight gain, negative feelings, discomfort in the joint, and much more.

Anxious feelings and stressful situations will not simply disappear, unfortunately. This is where it becomes a priority to deal with our stress. Managing a lot of day-to-day stress results in a few simple and quick solutions listed below. Although this list is not comprehensive, it is a beginning to help you identify ways to help you. We advise that you choose the best solutions for yourself and then practice them every day or anytime you feel a need.

1. It takes two minutes to breathe in any situation.

We're not just talking about trying to breathe in and out here deeply, though that's the beginning. Use the 4–7–8 breathing exercise to improve on this idea. Breathing through your nose only, count as four as you inhale deeply, then count as seven as you hold your breath, and count as eight as you exhale.

Repeat the cycle three times more. Completing this should take about two minutes. This will help you focus on your body and regularly help you breathe more deeply without even having to think about it.

2. Drink tea from the herb.

If you have never tried herbal tea, it may now be a good time to try it for some relief from stress.

Helpful are teas such as lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile or flowers of passion. You can also add essential oils to your tea — infuse a drop of essential oils such as Roman Chamomile, Lavender, or Melissa into herbal teas such as chamomile to soothe the body and mind. It can also be soothing and relaxing just the act of drinking warm tea and just the boost you need for the day.

3. Get fresh air outside.

While it's easier to do this when the weather is nice, even if the weather isn't ideal, it's a good idea to get at least a few minutes of fresh air every day and move your body. Reconnecting with nature and the outside world can help you to refocus and feel better. If at this moment you can't go out, reach Vetiver. Its calming and grounding effect on emotions is great to spread, or put in your palms directly, cup your hands around your nose, and inhale.

4. Five days a week, exercise for at least 15-30 minutes a day.

Exercise is known to bump up endorphin production levels, enhance your mood, and help you move past the irritations of the day.

Learn more about resilience, exercise, and stress here.

5. Plan 10 minutes of meditation in the morning.

Specifically, in yoga, meditation is about being physically and mentally grounded and reaching an expanded state of consciousness. By selecting a consistent time and place, you can start meditating and then pick something to focus on for that session. (Examples of different focuses include a helpful intention or affirmation such as "I'm relaxed," counting your breath as number one, or visualizing your favorite spot in nature and trying to focus on it alone.) Don't be discouraged if your mind starts wandering, just focus back on your purpose. By diffusing calming oils like Frankincense or lavender while you practice, you can also increase the effects of mediation. There are many other ways to meditate, try different kinds of things before you determine how to incorporate them into your everyday life.

6. Give yourself a hand massage.

A five-minute hand massage can lower stress levels, according to a 2008 study published by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. You can massage your own hands if you can't find anyone to give you one.

Put a drop of Ylang Ylang or AromaTouch ® and some Fractionated Coconut Oil in your palms and slowly massage your hand using the AromaTouch hand technique to reduce the effects of daily stress.

7. Apply PastTense ® or dōTERRA Peace ®.

This grounding and soothing blend are convenient and easy to use because PastTense comes in a roll-on bottle. (dōTERRA Peace is also available in a roll-on version that is just as easy.)

You can either apply the mixture to your temples, wrists, or back of your neck in times when you need to quickly ease stressful or anxious feelings on the go.

8. Make sure you're getting enough sleep.


Dr. David K. Hill, Chief Medical Advisor of doTERRA, insists that "Required quantities of rest provide an opportunity for bodies to recover from day-to-day activity, improve energy levels and reduce stress effects."

If you are currently struggling to fall asleep, diffuse doTERRA Serenity ® approximately 30 minutes before going to bed or take doTERRA Serenity ® Softgels.

9. Create a system of support.

This may be our most important tip, because if you feel overwhelmed, it may be difficult to reach out to others, but sometimes it is necessary to rely on other people for help. Don't try to stay alone. Even if the stress is over something you feel you have to do on your own, having someone there to listen to you or give you a hug (which is proven to help you with stress on your own) can help more than you realize.

Infographic about how to relieve stress

Which of these ideas are most appealing to you? Have you any ideas for you that worked best? Share them below with us!

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I’m Jenni Wilson, author, speaker, wellness educator, and natural oil mom. I teach people to be confident in using natural remedies for their family’s health. Like most of America, I was living the standard Western diet full of processed and fast foods, with no knowledge of anything other than what we had always done. I was plagued with many health issues that I see people around me suffering from today, with no idea what I could do.