I will be fortunate to attend the Tampa Bay Rays postseason games. How did this team go from worst to first? In a year when the new stadium proposed by the owners was not being supported? In an area that at times can not decide if they want to be big league or spring training? With a manager in his third year?

Much has to do with the Manager, Joe Maddon. This red-wine drinker in the beer and hot dog world has motivated this team. He has tapped each player's potential, and filled in holes when stars have needed to step back. He has veterans and he has rookies. He is the fourth manager for this team which some MLB owners did not even want in the league.

As I watch this statistically-burdened sport this week, I will be pondering the thoughts of that man in the dugout wearing the Buddy Holly eye glasses. What did he see in this team and how did he communicate it? How did he unleash the power of the team which is greater than the single players? How did he stay strong after losing seasons? What did he do in his mind for this year? Or was this an plan executed over the years?

You may find that pilosophical thinking a waste of a ticket during a ball game. I think you can learn from successes-your own and others'. From worse to first is a success. It's my work and my love.

There are mission and vision and value statements made up for corporations by consultants every day. (That is another topic for another post.)

This team has 9=8 given to them by the son of the 74 year old Pennsylvania woman who stills works at the Third Base Dugout Restaurant. 9=8 is the mantra from an economics major who played football and baseball.

He thought it through making sure the numbers were big and on the back of shirts so others would see it clearly. It was a reminder you couldn't miss. It was a big mission explained in the simplest of terms FOR those who needed to hear it and believe it. It wasn't for the fans; it was for the team.

The idea is nine players playing nine innings together can become one of the eight teams in the playoffs.

It is how this grandfather got a team to focus on the future and not the history. It is a fine example of how you can learn from anyone.

I know I will have a hot dog and a beer that night; but I think I need to raise a glass of red wine to a man who knows how to lead.

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