Secret #1: Your business is a mirror of you.

“We meet ourselves again and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.”
- Carl Jung

“Whatever is happening TO you is a reflection of what is happening IN you.”
- Don Giberson

The great Spiritual Masters, Law of Attraction, quantum physics –they all say the same thing:

Our inner world creates our outer world.

Our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, feelings, attitudes and perceptions create the people, situations, events, challenges and successes we experience.

How does this apply to us as entrepreneurs?

We often try to change the outer (staff, suppliers, marketing, prices, offers, procedures, etc.) without first changing the inner.

The result: little or no change.

So what do we do?

We look at what’s happening in our business and use it as feedback for what is happening in us. Then we focus on making the necessary internal changes.

And as we change, so does our company.

Let’s look at two real life examples.

Example #1.

Annie, a student in our Turbocharge Your Business program, had a network marketing business. She was fed up because she kept signing up business builders who weren’t very passionate or committed.

I asked her how she felt about her business. She confessed that she had been doing it for five years and was losing interest and wasn’t sure she wanted to continue.

That’s when it hit her. She had lost her passion and commitment! And she was attracting business builders who mirrored that!

I suggested she go back to when she started her business. How did she feel then? And why was she doing it?

Annie called me several weeks later. Her passion and commitment were back. And she had already attracted several new business builders who were on fire. They were mirroring the shift in her.

Example #2.

At one point shortly after I started my business money was tight and I was concerned about income and cash flow. (Anyone else relate to that?)

So I decided to do a teleclass. I did several joint ventures with people and promoted it far and wide.

The result: not one person signed up.

So I applied Secret #1 - I looked within.

And I realized that the outcome I had created (no sign-ups and no income) was a perfect match to my fears and concerns about money and income!!

So I worked on releasing my fears and doubts around money.

Then I offered the teleclass again.

The same teleclass. The same marketing. Sent to the same people.

And the result?

A full class of 32 participants.

The only thing that had changed was me.

But that made all the difference.

How can you apply Secret #1 in your business?

Take a look at your business.

Pick one area that you would like to improve.

How does what is happening in this area mirror or reflect what you are feeling or thinking yourself?

What would you need to think and feel to create the results you desire? Start thinking and feeling that way -- for at least a few minutes -- on a regular basis.

And watch the difference this has on your business.


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Article by Don Giberson, Master Law of Attraction Trainer/Coach and President of DreamCrafters, a company that offers seminars, teleclasses, coaching and online programs for “Making Your Dreams Come True.” For more information, visit