Below a list of nine grave mistakes in trading is presented. Avoid each of the given situations as they may dampen your financial aims and expectations.

Trading with money you may not afford to lose
One of severe obstacles for your successful trading is using money you cannot afford to waste, e.g. money that should be used for paying bills. This money is often called “frightened money” as eventually, when a trader assumes that he is trading with his vitally important money, his financial decisions are driven by fear and emotions, but not buy sound mind. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is desired to put trading aside until you earn enough money to open an account with an amount you may afford to lose without harming your financial welfare.

Need in confidence
Do not waste your time waiting for appropriate fundamental news or signals given by numerous indicators. Beware that there is no absolute confidence in trading. All we can do is to assume reasonable risk with expected profit.

Spending profit before it was obtained
Nothing is more exciting than entering into a profit promising positions, however, it may cause difficulties as this trading style arouses dreams of potentially high profit which does not exist. The remedy appears to be very simple, the only thing you should know is the right moment of closing the position. Beware in advance under which circumstances you close the position. Beware of a simple idiom that the market moves when it desires, but not when and where you want it to move.

Formation of an opinion
A simple truth: Forex market is not interested in your opinion, even when it is grounded on a report of an authorized source.

Two words that will hurt you: Hope and Desire
Have you ever pronounced either of these words when entering into losses? No hope is allowed while trading. All your actions should be done accurately and deliberately.

Deviation from trading plan
When a trader shifts his strategy often, it may eventually result into losses even in case when he gets initial profit. Endeavor to stick to your trading plan which should meet your needs, correspond to your personality features and reflect your profit expectations. Every trading strategy boasts its advantages, be ready to maximize your profit using advantages of your trading strategy.

Failure to exit from a loss-making position
Many traders turn out to have no strict exit strategy, especially when a transaction seems to be loss-making. The simplest way to resolve this problem is to know where the market is prior to opening a position. Where necessary place a Stop Loss order to limit your losses.

Very often some people being successful in other fields engage in Forex currency trading aspiring to attain high results just because they are successful. Anyways, they suffer from their self-assurance as they may not admit their committed mistakes. Once again, everyone is equal before the market i.e. no matter how many diplomas you possess, if you are not right, do not expect for market`s sympathy.

Love involvement with an instrument
Do not choose a single financial instrument for trading even if you are completely aware of its features. It can be a CFD for a company you like as well as a Forex currency pair you prefer. Diversify your assets.

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