Muscle building nutrition is actually very simple and is a major factor in your bodybuilding success. However many people seem to get confused when they are putting together a muscle building diet. Therefore here a set of straightforward easily implementable rules will be outlined that anyone can use and make progress with. Here they are:

1) Eat 5-7 small meals each day. This give your muscle a constant supply of energy and lowers tha chances of your body retaining food a fat. Steer away from the 3 square meals a day mentality. This is definitly one of the most important weight gain tips going.

2) Every meal needs to contain at least 30 grams of protein and also a lot of quality carbohydrate. carbs are easily found in rice, potatoes and bread. Great protein sources are tuna, red meats, egg whites and milk.

3) Use supplements. The most basic supplement required is a whey protein supplement that should be taken immediately after training and prior to sleeping.

4) Do not eat simple carbohydrates (sugary items). whilst they give you an immediate boost of energy after a few minutes your energy will fall right back down again. It may also produce problems with your insulin metabolism and trigger the storage of excess fat.

5) Steer clear of too much salt and fats. Good fats originating from olive oil, peanut butter and fish are healthy for you and ought to be included in your diet however fats originating from vegetable oil, butter and animal fats need to be removed totally, that takes any junk food out of the equation too!

6) Consume a pre-workout meal. This should consist of a decent amount of complex carbs and also protein about an hour before your training session. this will give you energy for your workout and also mean protein is available immediately for muscle growth and repair.

7) Take an after workout supplement or meal. At this time your muscle needs both the energy from carbs and the protein the most as the have just been broken down. A whey protein shake is ideal for this. Ensure that you take on at least 40 grams at this time.

8) Constantly drink water. This is the single most important part of your diet. Your muscle tissue quality is reliant upon this and it is also critical for all reactions that take place within the body.

And lastly be sure to consume lots of quality calories. IN order to build muscle you have to take on more calories than you burn up. You are not likely to add any muscle if you simply do not take on board enough calories. There you have it follow the above rules train hard and you will build muscle mass for sure!

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