Something about ADD that can become a real problem is asking too many questions. We just do it sometimes, and we don't even stop to realize that we sometimes annoy people. But when we do realize it, we still have a tendency to continue asking because we're certain that we don't know enough. Why does this happen?

We're insecure.

We aren't happy that we understand enough to discuss something or to get a job done. The reality is that we probably understood well enough all along.

You can irritate friends and family this way, but when it comes to business, making people nuts with all your questions is something you want to avoid.

Let's say your boss gives you a project. You're not sure how to do it, so you ask a gazillion questions. You can't help it because your ADD brain just won't let you. So, your boss gets miffed, and what can you do?

Use an old trick to be more secure.

Write things down. When you do that, you're not in danger of forgetting because everything you need to know is down in front of you in black and white. Also write down the answers to any questions you've asked because you don't want to ask the same question twice. You might forget that you asked the question before. This way, you'll have something to hang onto, and can refer back to your notes when you run into a snag. That will help your ADD brain to feel more comfortable.

Or, if you work online or with computers a lot, ask your boss to make a quick video for you, showing you how the project should be done, if that's feasible. That way, you'll see everything as it happens and you won't have to question at all.

You are probably very intelligent if you have ADD, but you grow up taking lumps from people who don't understand and it hurts your self-image. You are just insecure sometimes and you need helpers to feel more comfortable. Ask a reasonable amount of questions and write everything down. If that doesn't help to stem the flow, then, ask for a video that lays everything out for you. That way, you're following a blueprint that may help you to feel as if you're on the right track. ADD doesn't have to make you feel anxious. You just need to deal with some situations in a different way.

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