Yes all through my life I have had many experiences with angels. In this true story the accidents were on the job, 2 of the accidents were where God & His angels assisted me in getting out from under the ladder and boxes that fell on me.
I was a receptionist/secretary.
This particular day the firm was super busy. They had 2 major cases that were to go to court within a couple of days. Everyone was scurrying around, there wasn't even time for breaks, barley time for lunch. I had been asked to go down and bring up one particular legal file storage box, because it had needed material from and old case they need to use. I took the two wheel cart and went down. The elevator from the 17th floor took me to the storeroom in the parking lot 3rd level where there were sections of locked rooms that were designated for particular usage for storage by the businesses.

These rooms were cement block rooms with steel doors, medium size for the business to store things in.

I went in after unlocking the door putting the 2 wheeler chart inside. As you enter the storage room there were 2-3 metal 5/6 drawer filing cabinets. There were crude shelving from the floor to the ceiling, 4 shelves high going from the wall across from where you enter to the wall the door is on that you enter through, 3 walls. Each shelf was packed with over stuffed legal filing boxes, crammed on the shelves, fitting as many as you could.

The shelving was made of rough 2X4 with rough boards to support the weight of the boxes. The wood shelves and boards, were rough, crude and not sanded down. When you would pull on the boxes to bring them off of the shelves, the boxes would catch and rip. Around the shelving sitting on the cement floor were 4 stacked high of boxes 1 role completely around the shelving.

There was a narrow walking space, completely around the shelving, because of a conference table that had been stored in the storeroom and used as a full table to pull out files and look at them individually. The table was about 6 ft long. Later this table was moved to a conference room when they expanded to make room for their new paralegal while I was still working there and they were on the 17 floor. There was a wooden ladder 6 ft high, that had become very wobbly and unsteady that was used in the store room or in the office as it was needed, but the main usage was the storage room.

I had stretched out the ladder to climb it, it was unsteady, and there was no way to lean it straight up to get the file box because the other boxes were in the way. The shelving was 4-5 shelves high, rough jagged unfinished boards. The boxes were placed closely together as many as you could fit on each shelf with boxes piled 5-6 in height in from of the shelving on the floor. The boxes and shelving went all the way around the small store room and their was a conference table with pointed corners in the center of the room, to place the boxes on and take out needed files. There were even boxes piled 2 high under the table. Against the back wall as you entered there were 2-3 filing cabinets, then the shelving and boxes began. The boxes all weight approximately 40-60lbs or more depending on the amount of files placed in them. The boxes were long storage cardboard legal size for storing closed legal files and cases....

I climbed to the 3 rung from the top to reach the file box that was on the shelf. I was able to reach it and pull on it, but because the wood was rough and crude and the box was badly torn, it would not come. I could feel the ladder swaying and moving on me. But I was told they needed this box up stairs immediately, and there was no one else to even help me get it down because everyone was so busy. Besides none of the secretaries really wanted to do this either, so it was left to me, to struggle the best I could.
When the box would not come even though the ladder was swaying precariously, I tried to pull one more time even harder, then before throwing caution to the wind and becoming angry at the condition of the store room, the ladder, the rough and crude shelves I step up to the top step.

As I gave a final tug on the box getting ready to give up, the box released, the ladder swayed throwing me. I lost my grip and fell. I was thrown into the conference table edge striking my lower spine, then thrown to the cement floor, where the ladder and several of the legal size over stuffed boxes around 40-LB fell on me.

My head had hit the cement floor, and I must of blacked out. I do not know for how long. No one had come down to check on me. When I came to, I was lying on the cement floor on my back, the ladder across me diagonally, and several heavy file boxes on top of that. I tried to move, but could only scream out in pain. I began crying, then tried screaming for help, but no one would hear me in a parking lot brick cement wall enclosure with a steel door. I began to panic trying to push the boxes off myself, but my head was hurting and the pain I was feeling in my body especially my abdomen and spinal area was too much. I felt faint and nauseated. I found myself crying and praying for God's assistance to please help me.

I do not know how long this was, still no one had come to check on me or wander what was keeping me. As I laid there, suddenly there was a sudden stream of light. It was so bright. The boxes started to move without me pushing them over to the side. Little by little things had been pushed or moved enough for me to squeeze out and pull with all my strength to lift my body out of the pile of boxes and ladder that had been pining me down.

I was able to make it finally out of the store room, got to the elevator and made my way back to the 17 floor. I took one of the legal secretaries I had been severely injured and needed immediate attention, but I need to go down the hallway to the restroom, because I was feeling very sick.

I went down the hallway to the restroom. I had no idea how long I was down there, because I became sick, and every part of me hurt including my head. I took a wet paper towel and placed it on my neck after being sick and sat on the toilet stool lid, with my head between my legs because I felt I was going to pass out. No one again came. I lost track of time, but while I was in the rest room, I felt a soothing hand caressing my head and holding me. It was so wonderful, I could feel the warmth of light and love, of protection and assistance.

In both of these ladder accidents I was assisted by angels. I have been truly blessed by God and will always walk the path of light, truth and honesty. I have never asked to be healed by God but have always asked for strength and courage to allow His will to be done. When God sent His messenger an Angel to me when I had lost all hope, giving me an electrical shock so that I can do things, is truly a miracle, because I never asked even for this type of healing.

A second incident was after the accidents when I was in such severe pain and started abnormal bleeding full time on a monthly basis. I had been working shortly after leaving the law firm at a national health agency for almost 6 months. During this time my health conditions became worse. The severe abdominal and back pain was just the beginning right after the accidents, my baby doctor, could not figure out what was causing the severe pain in both areas, then the severe abnormal bleeding started.

The Dr., who I had was wonderful. Finally the pain became so severe, I couldn't work and laid in bed all the time screaming and crying.

I couldn't understand why this was happening to me. I was visited by a white energy of an angel who told me that the severe accidents I had been involved in with the ladder striking me not once across the abdomen but in two separate accidents and with the impact of hitting the table with my spine, then the cement floor, having the ladder and several boxes of over 50lb fall on me, caused my problems. The voice told me surgery would be the only way I would eliminate part of the severe problems with the abdominal severe pain and the severe bleeding but that I would still have the severe spinal pain. I cried and couldn't understand why I was being put through this.

How could such severe abnormal pain in the abdomen and spine as well as abnormal continuous monthly bleeding be nothing. The tests from the Dr. started shortly after the accidents, and continued until all options had been exhausted leaving nothing but surgery and removal of an organ with the hopes that this would help.

Less then one year later, I went into surgery to have the organ removed.

Soon after that the spinal pain was to become so great that I could not normally function, finding myself bedridden and in a wheel chair. I was raising three small children at the time, the specialists gave me no hope, and that I would always be in a wheel chair and bedridden, eventually I would be put in a special home to be cared for. My life was over, the pain was too much. But it was not to end this way.

All this is another life and time now. Another person entirely. That person died a long long time ago. I went on to be the best I could be keeping my integrity, ethics, values and morals outstanding. This is my reputation and I am proud of it. My career is not the direction I dreamed I would be going but I work with high society individuals as well as the lower economic end of individuals. This is where my path of blessing from God has lead. Yes, the old me died during that time. I was killed off but in the wake a new being emerged, One even stronger then before, with a light so strong it draws individuals to it, and with new path and direction from God Himself. Why was I chosen out of billions of others? Why was I given these extensive psychic abilities and gifts? Why was I directed and guided to be open about my gifts, abilities and use them in the protection of our country against terrorism? I do not know, but I do know that God had a plan for me even when it was at its darkest moments.

God and His messengers help has cleared my name and integrity along with written proof for all to see. It is interesting how God' works in mysterious ways.

Still Another Incident was At the time of the operation, I felt and saw this bright white light while the operation was just beginning. During the operation I left my body with the assistance of an Angel and shown many things including how my life would affect many others in a special way. I was shown the future of our country and the world as well as the role I and many others, still had to play in the up coming events and future of our world. I told the angel I didn't think I was worthy to be given such a role and didn't feel that I could make that kind of difference knowing my other injuries to my spine would get worse. I was told it would never be 100% healed to show others so laws would be passed to prevent this from happening to others.

I must go on being a spiritual leader reaching the higher levels in others and making them use these higher levels of spirituality in equal balance of reasoning. I was told to use my spiritual abilities to confront the "beast" within either in myself or others. By taking the high road and engaging my higher self to bring about engaging others higher self I would succeed in my efforts. Then I was taken back to the operating room where they were just finishing up, and I felt myself being pulled back into my body. I still didn't feel I could handle what was to come and the severe pain I was to endure because of these attorneys the rest of my life.

While I was in the recovery room, I was then visited by an angel and taken to a white area of tremendous light. I was shown many light bodies who told me that their existence in the coming years and future would depend on my remaining on earth and helping in the preparation of the future spiritual awakening and changes. There was so much love and warmth given to me for my accepting this role to assist them and bring about the needed changes as well as completed information regarding forced healings that was never passed on to the souls on earth, because of fear.

I found myself back in my body, coming around in severe pain from the surgery and found my loving supporting family there beside me. As I looked over and saw my sister and my two sons, I saw three other faces. My father, was standing next to my mother, and my mother was holding my grandmother hand, her mother, as they stood there smiling with warm faces of unconditional love.

I heard their thoughts of we love you, and are proud of you, that when my time comes to join them, they will be there right in front to lead me in the light and bring me to God with the help of the Angels. It was with these events my soul knew I could not give up and must fulfill whatever destiny that I was here to do and I would try to be strong for all those light souls who were counting on me and the work I would do even if it meant I was to be in severe spinal pain, bedridden and in a wheel chair the rest of my life.

It wasn't until after my surgery on the doctors visit that I learned why I had the severe pain to my back, abdomen and severe continuous monthly bleeding caused by the striking of the table in my spine, and ladder on my stomach area.

With this second chance by God, I have regained mobility and limited activities through hard physical therapy and not only have I gained this part of my life back, but I gained back my pride, the feeling of being able to accomplish and achieve a balance of supporting myself financially and the care I need, plus still using these gifts and talents that were given to me, in exceptional ways that will fulfill my souls purpose in assisting of others and of being of service to them as best I could. This could not and would not be taken from me. This was God's gift to me, and I would be recognized for this work.

The fear, misunderstanding and misinformation that has been thrown around out there for years that has kept us all in the darkness of our own fears of going beyond and exploring to the new and higher spiritual levels of advancement or accepting guidance and leadership in the development of these gifts or information that is given to us to share with others. Within the next 2 years and especially the year 2000 you will see many come forth, awakening and accept their roles to assist many others, and rid our world of the fear that is blocking and holding it back.

I thank all that have worked with me behind the scenes or openly to assist many others or to make changes in the world. I thank those who have accepted me and my gifts embracing the light and help I give. I do not take for granted any whom my life has come in contact with their association, or connection to me either in friendship or some type of contact that has helped me assist others. I am whole once more a true light being and instrument of God, our creator. I am truly free and Blessed by God. Thank you Father, Amen.

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