March Madness is a phenomenon that grips the national sports psyche from the first week of March through the first week of April. The NCAA tournaments are an American tradition that sends millions of fans into a synchronized frenzy every year. It is this chaos that gives the tournament its March Madness nickname; it’s the concentrated hype of 65 teams vying for college basketball's biggest prize. It is the last-second, buzzer-beating baskets, the euphoria of winning to play another day and the agony of losing and going home from what is referred to as "THE BIG DANCE."

Just over the weekend, one of my closest friends brought up a topic that struck a nerve. Actually, it was really more of a male testosterone, ego-driven remark made about me. He had commented that I didn't know anything about sports. This sparked some frustration in me and without even thinking about it, I shot back, "I may not know everything about sports, but I actually play sports; you're just a spectator!"...I admit that my response was driven by my bruised ego, and it probably wasn’t the nicest thing I could have said. But, there was some truth in it!

I'm not a gambler or a trivia buff that knows every name or fact about every team in the whole wide world of sports. What I do know are the rules and how to play the game. I would far rather shoot some hoops or play some baseball than watch either sport on TV. I like to be active, participating instead of spectating. Drinking beer all day, yelling at a TV and eating pizza doesn't appeal to me as much as playing the game. Sure, it can be exciting at times (football). But if I had to make a choice, I would rather be a Player or Owner of life, rather than a spectator of it.

What I'm trying to get at is that most of us--at some point in life--have been active players. We played sports in high school and college and were active twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. But some of us have given up on being the player, settling instead for being a fan or spectator of life and its physical activities, for one reason or another. My friend is definitely a spectator who has given up his player days...And he’s not happy about it. Hopefully he can start playing the game again; it's never too late.

In life, we never have to give up being a player. You're never too old to retire from playing the game of life. Life will let you know if you're playing it or if you're watching it pass by. It gets better the more you understand how to play the game. Some of us know the game, but not the rules... And some know the rules but are not playing the game right. You need to figure out which role you're playing! In any regard, players take action in life; they seem to make all the money and benefit the most from being active, and having support from their Coaches, Loved Ones and Friends, which make up a part of their Team....

Spectators pay what they have, just to feel the temporary rush of actually playing the game. They pay the players’ salary and they gamble on the players, which may produce limited financial benefits--but it’s nothing compared to what a player or a Coach is getting. Spectators rarely see any true benefits in their roles; they settle for what they get. I guess that's why they say, everyone plays a part.... The players and owners understand the difference and it would be death to them to give that up. I would rather be a player on part of a team than a spectator playing a part.

So, where are you in life? Are you playing the game? Are you a Spectator? Or are you taking time out and just need to

Get Your Head Back In The Game?

Coaching helps you get your head back in the game.

Coaching helps you plan and strategize your actions. It optimizes your environment to be able to handle the conditions of the game. The journey will never be easy, so that's why you plan and condition yourself to reach those goals. It starts with fundamentals. Here are a few principals to get your head back in the game.


What is my mindset? What are some of your beliefs? (Conditioned, Limiting, Fear)

Where are you at? Who or how are you being at this point in life?

What are your results? What is working and what isn’t? Are you clear about what it takes to reach those results?

What is your relationship with money and how does it show up in your life?

What is your mindset for your financial future?


What really drives you, excites you? What do you want or desire?

Why does it drive or excite you? Why do you want it?

Benchmarks - What would be some benchmarks and how would it feel to accomplish them?

Support, Build your team - Who do you know that will help support you in your goal?

Action - What steps are you going to take?

Get Your Head Back In The Game!

So get out there, be active, follow your passions and stop being a spectator, watching life go by.

Like my football coach used to say..."Get your head out of your ass and get your head back in the Game!"

Author's Bio: 

Marvin Stanford is the Founder & Life Direction Coach, of Design Yourself Coaching. The Provider of coaching services and self supporting information to help people clarify their true purpose and passion in life.