As world of Internet marketing increasing rapidly and before getting confusion with it newbies ask one question: What the possible ways to make money online? The answer is: A millions ways. And it is just more than you can think about.

Actually there is not much different in real world and virtual world of Internet marketing. In both cases, you need seller and buyer for the product. It could be just anything. It may be your product or other people's product, tangible or intangible or it can even be any service.

Only your own creativity and imagination, ability and skills, patience and application that can limit the kind of money you can make from your online business opportunity. If you need help on how to make money online you can have plenty of advises available. Some ideas can prove productive almost immediately while some can take six months or more.

Given below is some of the money making ideas that have worked for me and I hope it definitely work for you.

Affiliate Marketing: For the newbies, By far one of the most popular methods of money making. Sell other's product and earn some commission on it. Commission Junctions, Associate Products, Link Share, Click Bank is a few places where you can find lots of affiliate products to sell.

Pay-per-click: You can just build a website and upload ads on it to become famous and to drive traffic to your website. People normally get paid on clicking on the ads on your site. And you can earn some money for every click. Some of the popular pay-per-click income models are Google Ad -Sense, Chitika, yahoo and Kontera.

Direct Selling: It is excellent way to sell your special skills by just writing articles, programming and reviewing and you will be paid for it. And also you can share your passion with and are interested in your specialty and willing to pay for your knowledge.

You can just pick any one of three which were discussed above, although there are other unlimited opportunities that exit.

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