When trying to figure out if you or someone you care about is a drug addict or alcoholic, knowing what the alcoholism symptoms or drug addiction signs are, can be very helpful.

There are various symptoms and signs of addiction - but rather than tell you what they all are here (don't hesitate to visit my website for that) - I want to give you what I believe is the most important one.

Unlike what many people think - drug addiction or alcoholism isn't simply a function of how often you use or how much you drink.

Of course, there are times when it is going to be obvious that you or someone you love is an alcoholic or drug addict. The drug addict will be a genuine junkie who does nothing but shoot up all day and their life is simply about the next hit.

Similarly the alcoholic will be so far down the road with their alcoholism that they don't have a life anymore - it's totally fallen apart - relationships, job, practically everything.

However, many suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction, aren't that advanced yet with their addiction. Therefore you want to recognise the symptoms of drug addiction and alcoholism early.

And for me the telling sign and symptom of alcoholism and drug addiction is when you notice that your drinking or using begins to affect your life, i.e. the things you normally do on a daily basis.

So it means you're probably thinking more and more about the next chance you'll get to have a drink or use your drug of choice, your work is beginning to suffer, your relationships are starting to be affected - and unless you have that drink or take your drugs you increasingly find yourself struggling to cope (even if it is just mentally still because using or drinking provide you with a certain emotional comfort)

Now the difficulty is, picking up this sign of addiction - because it can be very subtle and just kind of creeps up on you without you realising. You might begin to notice a change in attitude, mood or behaviour in a person you love. If it's you, you're likely to be in denial about what's happening - but if you're really honest with yourself, you'll know a problem is developing.

There are a whole lot of drug addiction signs and alcoholism symptoms, but by recognising this one and getting it early - the chances of recovery are likely to be easier and more successful.

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