Why is a detox diet plan an important part of cleansing? Everything you consume is incorporated into your cells. Your cells are the building blocks of your organs, blood, bones and skin. Truly, you are what you eat! Many foods, beverages and medications carry heavy toxic loads that weaken your body and encourage disease. Cleaning up your diet is a critical aspect to a successful detox.

Your body wants to cleanse itself. In fact, it is working around the clock to clear toxins it's exposed to every day. As you learn to cooperate, listen to and support your body, it will naturally cleanse itself and you will feel better.

Simply put… Your body will cleanse naturally when properly supported.

• reduce your toxic load
• support your organs
• learn healthy habits
• and feel great!

Say goodbye to "No Pain, No Gain." Pain is the body’s way of communicating that there is something wrong. Excess toxins in your body qualifies as “something wrong.” Although you may experience some discomfort as they are eliminated, the most effective detox diet plan is one that is gently designed for minimal detox symptoms.

Starving yourself to suffer through dizziness and headaches can be very damaging to your body, as well as ineffective. When too many toxins are stirred up too fast for the body to effectively eliminate them, they are reabsorbed into the bloodstream and are much more harmful than they were in their original form. So make your it your goal to design a detox diet plan with minimal uncomfortable side effects and maximum cleansing benefits.

A natural detox diet plan starts with wholesome detox foods. Certain whole foods have special detoxifying properties that clear out built up fat, cholesterol, water retention and toxic accumulation. For example, cucumbers, parsley, garlic and apples are high quality cleansing foods. Your body will start cleansing when you replace some of your heavier foods (like animal products and processed foods) with high quality, organic cleansings foods.

Detoxifying herbs and natural supplements can also be used to protect and strengthen your detoxifying organs. Ginger, cinnamon or burdock can be added to your food or made into a tea to stimulate better digestion and elimination. Natural detox tools and therapies, like dry skin brushing and detox baths, can be used to ease detox symptoms and enhance effective detoxification.

The best detox diet is the one that’s right for your body and lifestyle. It’s essential to consider your unique daily diet and bodily condition while planning your detox diet. Taking gentle detoxifying steps with ample natural support will help your body detox easily and efficiently.

A detox diet plan designed for your body and lifestyle will allow you to detox safely, easily and effectively.

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Jo delAmor, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, and Cindy Cleary, Masters in Social Work, are natural health advocates and educators. Visit their detox diet website whole-body-detox-diet.com for tools and guidelines for creating a safe, effective and gentle detox diet that’s just right for you. Sign up for your Free Detox Diet Startup Kit to receive step by step guidance for creating your customized detox diet plan using whole foods, herbs, and therapies.