So here I am. Although where “here” is, I don’t know. I do know I died, that is my physical self died and then I was here. A ghost I guess!

I often wondered how death would come. Now I know. In fact, I now know it was not something I should have given any precious moments think about when I was alive and just concentrated on how I would live! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I often wondered if there were ghosts. Would they be the age they were when they died? If they died in tragic circumstances, would their injuries be with them? Would they come back seeking revenge if their death had been caused by another?

Well again, now I know. I now understand time only exists in the physical world, as does physical appearance. I have no sense of time or age. I feel ageless. There is no physical body, so no injuries could be carried over and there is a sense of peace and love. A sense of being a being.

So what am I here to do? What is my purpose? I know there is something. I feel it. A feeling so strong it is overwhelming. I feel so wonderful. Full of wonder. Full of peace, love, purpose and passion! The best of feelings I had in life!

My life was so good! Certainly I made mistakes and there were things I would have changed. On the whole though it was good. A few things I would have liked to do and didn’t and a few things I did I would have liked not to!

I often felt someone or something was watching over me. I remember when I was young, I was convinced my bedroom at my parents’ house was haunted. I never saw anything, it was more of an impression of somebody there, it was more of a presence. As I got older I thought it was probably my imagination!

There were times when I wished I’d listened to that voice inside a little more, or acted more on my hunches and instinct instead of holding back or ignoring them. As it turned out, those hunches and the little voice deep within were usually right!

Now I understand there is far more than our physical self can ever imagine! Our human perspective limits us. We believe in physical results, we have trouble believing beyond the physical as we do not comprehend it. So we don’t believe in what we can’t see! How sad that is. When we are in our physical bodies, we live by physical rules!

What if we were to look beyond? What if we were to know there is so much more than we limit ourselves to believing? How much more would we achieve? How much more would we be willing to take risks because we had faith and belief in beyond the physical?

I’m suddenly in a room, up until now, I was just being, not being anywhere, just being where I was, no physical boundaries or places just here! I take a look around, it’s coming into focus and although I am in it, I am not part of it. It’s a bedroom, a child’s bedroom and the little girl is asleep in bed.

This something I am here to do is growing! Understanding, joy, purpose, passion and tremendous love are brimming over in me! I know what that something is! The bedroom is mine! Or mine when I was a child and the child in the bed is me!

Now I understand completely what my purpose is! All the times when I was a child and felt a presence, I did, the presence I felt was the me! The spirit me! The something I am meant to do, my purpose, is me! The physical me!

I am here to guide and support me as a child. To be the voice within. To draw on the experience of when I was the physical me and pass it on to this physical me! To be with at all times. Giving the nudges, reassuring, guiding, providing the instinct.

It’s the circle of life. Completeness, the whole. The physical and the spirit as one. Both the same, yet different. How does this happen? That I don’t know. I just accept it does! I am beyond physical restrictions.

No doubt when I was the physical me, the spirit me did the same. Now it goes a step further. Each time learning more. Having lived my life knowing there were times when I should have trusted my voice inside, I can ensure that voice is louder and stronger this time! I can pass on thoughts, feelings, inspiration, imagination, dreams, vision, faith, belief and it will not be ignored! I KNOW the truth!

So when you feel the instinct, the hunch, the voice within, take notice. It is you, the spirit you wanting the very best for you.
Is it any wonder this is called heaven?

Adopt Coaching 2009

Author's Bio: 

Janet Wilks is based in the UK and has a coaching practice, Adopt Coaching. At its heart is the concept of Thinking Big, believing anything is possible. Janet's mission is for everybody to understand they have a unique purpose and destiny in life and that everybody is born with natural gifts and talents.

Janet's purpose is to support and guide people, through coaching and workshops, in discovering their unique purpose and natural born talents, by facing and confronting their fears, their lack of self worth and self belief and finding the courage, taking action and overcoming whatever it is that is holding them back from living to their true potential. Then they are able to fulfil their unique destiny, achieving everything they put their minds to, using their natural gifts and talents and having a big life.

Janet has diplomas in coaching and psychology,is a registered NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and a member of the European Coaching Institute. She creates and delivers workshops as well as 121 and group coaching and has over 500 hours personal and business coaching experience. She is currently studying EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) to further enhance her coaching skills.