Aerobics literally means “with oxygen”. Exercises which are aerobic in nature are more sustained therefore requiring large amounts of oxygen. Through aerobic activities, the muscles utilize oxygen to burn glucose and fat. When initially starting an aerobic exercise, glycogen is processed into glucose and once glucose is depleted, fat is metabolized as fuel. This proves the point why these form of exercises are effective in losing weight. Aerobics include activities such as dancing, swimming, jogging, cross-country skiing, walking and biking. When embarking in aerobic activities, much oxygen is needed and oxygen is properly utilized as well. Incorporating these activities into your daily health regimen can greatly facilitate in weight loss and stress reduction.

It consequently means less risk for threatening health conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. Researches have likewise shown that aerobics decreases apprehension, so the more you do these exercises, the less apprehensive you become. When you say aerobics, it means a longer, healthier and happier life as a result. When engaging in an aerobics program, your sense of commitment to the regimen is thus boosted as an increased production of endorphin is instigated by progressive aerobic activity. Once released through vigorous aerobic activity, endorphins cause what they call the “runner’s high”. As a class of neurotransmitters produced by the body, endorphins are also internal pain killers.

Other general health benefits of these exercises have to do with the release of tension in the muscles thereby stimulating the hormones. Aerobic exercises have also long been proven to greatly aid in the rapid burning of calories and in controlling weight. These activities also regulate the body’s cholesterol level as it consequently boosts good cholesterol while bad cholesterol is depleted. Aerobics also stimulates the body by increasing the body temperature. Through aerobic exercises, the circulation is improved and the blood pressure is reduced. In addition, lung capacity is enhanced as the respiratory muscles are strengthened. Aerobics with its sustained activities also boosts the pumping efficiency of the heart thereby strengthening that major organ of the body.

It greatly augments in increasing the red blood cell count as well. Much is to be said about the tremendous benefits of aerobic exercises on the body’s entire system. Implementing these activities with a healthy diet and nutrient supplementation is a surefire means for overall fitness and wellness. Another advantage of aerobics as an inclusion to your health regimen is that they can be done both indoors and outdoors. When it is raining or drastically cold outside, you can execute aerobic exercises indoors by riding an exercise cycle, stepping on a treadmill or going with an exercise video. The choices for aerobics are virtually endless.

As aerobics tend to have prolonged and sustained exercises, you actually get more “hyped” to exercise which eventually makes exercising a pleasurable experience. It is easy to engage in aerobics if you opt to take on easy and common exercises. With aerobics, there can be no need for complex and fancy fitness equipments which is synonymous with being fit but with less or no expenses at all. You can decide on doing aerobic exercises in the convenience of your home as well as in public places like the beach or the park. Aerobics can be basically hassle-free yet remarkably effective.

It may well be one of your best options to include aerobics as one of the health measures to improve your well-being and the overall quality of your life as well.

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