Dear Friend,

We here at Inferiority Control have been informed that you are concerned about the “monsters” and “tyrants” wreaking havoc in your life. I have personally spoken with several of these monsters, and here is what they had to say regarding this slander.

Fear assured me that it is working extra hard to keep you hypervigilent and worried about making any changes in your life. As you know, change is bad, especially personal change. Fear wants you to know that it will continue to make sure that you do not take any risks, especially to confront personal issues that may lead to change. Fear will continue to broadcast its “helpful messages” throughout the day. Some of your favorites it identified are “if you try, you might fail”; “if you try, you might succeed”; “if you confront an individual and share your true feelings, you will be rejected”; and your favorite, “it’s better to be in a relationship (good or bad) rather than be alone.” So do not worry, Fear has got your back.

Depression told me to tell you that it will continue to walk side by side with you. It wants you to know that finding little pleasure in most things in life is normal as humans are here to suffer. It hopes that you will continue to get all that sleep. It wants to reassure you that hope is a bad thing as hopes and dreams always get crushed out there in the cruel world. So stay isolated and keep to yourself. Depression is here for you. It is all you need. Whatever you do, do not start looking for a better life—it is not out there.
Anger got particularly irate when I informed it that it was being viewed as unhelpful and domineering. Anger told me to pass on the following truths. First of all, you have a right to be angry all the time. After all, it is the people in your life that are screwing up and making your life a living hell. And remember, you are perfect. Just keep pointing a finger at others, spread blame around, and never, ever, even for a minute, consider that maybe your life is the way it is because of your own choices. What a crock that is. I mean, look at you. You are doing just fine. It has been said that Anger is just a way to push people away from you. We both know that people need to be pushed away. If they get too close, they may hurt us—we do not want that to happen. Anger will fight for you.

Substance Use wants you to know that it is tired of the negative things people are saying about it. After all, it is doing a very important job—keeping you numb so that you do not have to deal with the harshness of the world. Substance Use understands that at this point, it is only a temporary solution and that it has to be used regularly in order to receive its wondrous effects. That is why it wants me to tell you that it is working on a whole new batch of drugs in order to keep you right where you are. One of the side effects continues to be death. But if you really think about it, death is not so bad. Actually, it is a good thing. Who really wants to grow old and be surrounded by loved ones anyway? So Substance Use says keep usin’ and boozin’ and remember that there is no such thing as substance abuse.

In conclusion, I hope that I have helped you to see that there are no “tyrants” who are trying to ruin your life. If anyone suggests that you need to rid yourself of these allies, do not listen to them. They are here to help you; they are not your enemies, but your friends. Make sure you stay right where you are.


Therisa Nohopeforu
Vice President
Inferiority Control

Dear Ms. Nohopeforu,

I recently received your correspondence. I know that you are very busy creating pain and suffering, so I will make this short. You are fired! That is right—I am not falling for your tricks anymore. My so-called allies are really my enemies, and I am going to war! Fear, Depression, Anger, Substance Use, and the rest of the destruction mob can all take a hike. I am tired of being sick and tired, and I am going to fight to take my life back. I know that I have made some poor choices in the past. Instead of blaming the world, or myself, I am taking responsibility for the state of my life. After all, blame is a useless concept.

Instead, I am looking in the mirror. I am questioning my morals, my values, and my belief system. I have come to realize that the road map that I created to follow to success is full of flaws. It led me to the land of Failure, where you and your buddies were waiting to take over my world. I was vulnerable to your tricks and lies. I have wised up. I am starting a new quest—a search for knowledge that is useful and productive. I am going to question every belief that I have to determine if it is based in the real world, not on a fairy tale or some other rotten source of so-called knowledge that has led me to suffer. When I find lies, I am going to toss them out and replace them with useful information that I will use to forge a new road map. If that road map does not lead me to success, I will learn more about myself and forge another. I will not stop until I have created success, peace, and tranquility in my life.

One last thing that is very important: I am going to stop running from my emotional pain. It has been trying to teach me some important life lessons, but I have not been listening. You can bet that I am listening now!
In conclusion, I have no more time for you and your mob of losers. I have wasted enough time. I have a new chapter in my life to write. It is called “The Day I Started My Journey of Positive Personal Change.”

Without regret,
Ima Takinmylifeback

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Rod Louden is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Woodland Hills, California. Rod is a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a BA in clinical psychology. Rod received his master’s degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles. In addition to running a private practice, Rod is a therapist at the Child Sexual Abuse Program in Van Nuys, California, and a Supervising Children’s Social Worker for the Department of Children and Family Services for Los Angeles County. Rod released his first book, Monster Relationships: Taming the Beasts That Are Killing Your Relationships, in 2005. For more information, please visit