There are times, when no matter how focused we are on what we want, know what we need to do to get it, put plans into action, we are suddenly stopped in our tracks by doubt. We question our ability; we lose faith and self-belief. We have doubts about ever achieving our goals and the little nagging voice in our head is filling us with fear.

We have thoughts that tell us that what we have set our sights on is not going to happen. Success seems out of reach and failure appears to be the reality.

There are times when we think about giving up and giving in, that what we want is not going to happen and we were foolish to believe it would. We feel we are up against a brick wall and berate ourselves for ever believing we could succeed. For daring to dream.

We reach such a low point, our self-esteem nose-dives, and our faith and belief in ourselves is on the floor, our confidence has evaporated. We are hurting, unhappy, frustrated with ourselves for feeling this way, which just makes us feel worse! (If that’s possible!)

We are paralysed by fear, crippled by doubt. Unable to see a way to move forward, unable to visualise how we are going to get to where we want to be.

Whatever we do appears not to be moving us closer. In fact, it seems the opposite is happening. We seem to be moving further away, our dream is disappearing and we listen to the voice in our head that tells us that’s reality.

When we are experiencing this, it is very difficult to break out of the feelings we are having. We are caught in a downward spiral. The more we experience it, the worse we feel, the worse we feel, the more of the experience we have.

What compounds it and makes it worse, is that we know what we need to do. We know we need to raise our vibration so that we feel good, we know we need to give thanks and be grateful for what we have in our life that is good, we know we need to be having positive thoughts, we are just not able to lift ourselves out of this pit of despair, which of course makes us feel worse!

Well take comfort! It happens! We are human with human thoughts and emotions.

It does not mean you are unworthy, incapable or doomed to failure. The darkest hour is just before dawn. You are just having your darkest hour. Just on the other side is the dawn, everything you want to be and to have is there, waiting for you to claim it!

Neale Donald Walsch explains: “If you want a direct experience of who and what you are, you will attract to yourself like a magnet, everything you are not.” He goes on to say, “Bring on that which I am not! For I will welcome that which I am not!”

In other words, know they are just feelings, they are not real; you are just experiencing who you are not, so you can get clear about who you are!

When you understand that your feelings are not you, you can relax and allow them to come. Let go of the resistance to these feelings. Explore them, know they are not you. They are who you are not! That’s all! So welcome them, they will allow you to understand who and what you are! Bring it on!

“What you resist persists,” says Neale Donald Walsch “Don’t resist, what you look at disappears.”

So it’s ok. It’s fine. Acknowledge and accept how you feel, the voices in your head will quieten. When you let go of the resistance to those feelings, they will start to ease and fade. Finding it a little difficult to let go? Here’s a very simple effective exercise.

Just say in your mind, or out loud “I let go of the resistance to these feelings, I release the resistance.” You will start to feel relief.

As you feel the relief, your mind will start to open up again, open up to possibility, to maybe, to perhaps- you begin to climb out of the pit. You know that which you are!

It may be then, that something will happen. Something you see, hear or something being done, that helps you climb up quicker. It may be a person, who appears just at the right time. It may be somebody you know, or somebody you meet, who just seems to be in the right place at the right time saying the right things.

Talk to those you trust. Those who support you want you to succeed and believe in you. They will encourage and motivate you, they will listen. They will provide a lifeline that helps you climb higher and further.

The messages I have selected are from those who have faith in you and what you are capable of. They are a crutch for those times when you feel paralysed by fear and doubt. A ladder to help you out of the pit.

It may be one or several of them speak to you directly. A message that gets you back on track, eliminating thoughts of doubt and fear. Giving you the courage and strength to move forward, to keep going, to know you will succeed.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Treat yourself as one of those you trust would. Be gentle on yourself. Listen acknowledge and accept yourself. Just as others do.

All things do pass, this too will pass. Graham Bird, the man who first inspired and encouraged me to find my purpose says “We all doubt from time to time, the secret to remember that it is only from time to time.” Wise words indeed.

Everybody is rooting for you- be sure it includes you! You know who you are!

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Author's Bio: 

Janet has diplomas in coaching and psychology. She is a registered NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and a member of the European Coaching Institute. She creates and delivers workshops as well as 121 and group coaching and has over 500 hours personal and business coaching experience.

She has also recently studied for and achieved a diploma in EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) techniques to further enhance her coaching skills.

Janet’s mission statement is:

“My purpose is to support and guide people, through coaching and workshops, in discovering their unique purpose and natural born talents, by facing and confronting their fears, their lack of self worth and self belief and finding the courage, taking action and overcoming whatever it is that is holding them back from living to their true potential. Then they are able to fulfil their unique destiny, achieving everything they put their minds to, using their natural gifts and talents and having a big life.”