This past January, my maternal grandmother, Jessie Hunter, passed away after ninety-five exceptional years. I would like to dedicate this article to her, and share with you the model of her success.

Born Jessie M. Culp in Detroit, 1911, she was president of her high school graduating class, not for a small feat for a woman at that time. Her dynamic and gutsy personality sparked the interest of the eligible Fred Hunter, who left his family funeral business to be her husband. After the couple married, Jessie encouraged Fred to go to school and they eventually opened their own funeral home.

Fred and Jessie decided to relocate to south Florida in 1959 to find new opportunities. One day, while driving with her young daughter, my mother, Jessie noticed an ugly pink house with rotting white shutters on the windows. She immediately pulled over and thoughtfully said, “This feels right.” The couple bought the broken down house and transformed it into one of the largest funeral homes in Florida.

A few years later, an article in a prestigious trade magazine was calling Jessie a secret weapon, a woman so “tuned in” to others that she always gave them what they needed whether it was to grieve and cry, or buck up and move on. In addition to her intuitive connection with others' needs, I believe her success grew from her attention to detail. From the perfect lighting and music, to the tailored suits and polished cars, every aspect of the experience was managed perfectly, every need or want anticipated and met with caring and compassion. When Jessie and Fred retired from the funeral business, their company was known nationwide for exceptional care and service, and local families would frequently request Jessie's person attention, even though she was no longer in the business.

There's no denying my grandmother was a successful person, and since NLP is based on modeling successful, exceptional individuals, I would like to present here what I believe to be the model my grandmother used to not only make a comfortable living for her family, but in leaving a legacy to everyone who knew her. The following 10 points are the foundation of her success:

· Think right, and do right (based on your own convictions).

· Listen to “the man upstairs” and follow your gut in all decisions.

· Balance awareness of the “big picture” with the follow-through on essential details.

· Have confidence in yourself and fully utilize your skills and abilities.

· Ensure that all employees know and consistently uphold the vision and values of the organization.

· Cultivate caring and compassion for those you serve.

· Give extraordinary service and exceed the expectations of your customers.

· Build a community within the business that is both supportive and accountable to its members and the business.

· Participate in leadership positions wherever possible.

· Provide further education for all that desire to learn and grow.

I sincerely hope these pointers assist you in creating happiness and success in your professional life, just as they have in mine. Thanks for reading!

Author's Bio: 

Janis Ericson is an internationally recognized Trainer of NLP, with a background in small business management. Her personal growth and professional certification courses are profound, yet immensely enjoyable. Personally, she is dedicated to bringing success and happiness to herself and others, through classes, consulatations, and smiles.