Have you heard about Cuil? Cuil is a newly launched search engine that will work in rivalry with Google. It is now becoming popular all over the world as cool search engine that can display almost millions of related results in every search. Cuil is derived from an old Irish term that means knowledge. It is usually pronounced as “cool”. Some Googlers even believed that Cuil will outrage the popularity of Google in the future years.

Special Features of Cuil

Over the years, there had been plenty of search engines that tried to defeat Google. However, none of them become successful even though of the fact that the persons ore teams behind the operation of these search engines were once workers of Google and other search engines companies. Here are some known names of the said workers:

Russel Power & Anna Patterson – previously belongs to the team of Google’s search index

om Costello – previously belong to the WebFountain project of IBM

Louis Monier – creator of the Alta Vista search engine

With the combined excellence and intelligence of the above persons, Cuil is now becoming as popular as Google and other major and know search engines.

Cuil versus Google

There are four major features of Cuil that Google does not have. With these features, Cuil is easier distinguished from Google:

Cuil has the largest index compared to Google that is very useful with topics that do not have relevant or popular results.

Cuil believes that popularity is not that everything matters as what Google is claiming. It does not focus much on the page rankings and linking to be able to display search results. Cuil gives importance on very complex searches as it try to analyze contents of every web page. The process of analysis is resulted into greater context.

Cuil is using a new page format for its displayed results. Not like Google with long list of results, Cuil displays its results in three columns and with added images if available or possible. It also offers ideas and roll-over definitions for much finer search.

Cuil does not collect user data such as personally identifiable information, cookies, names, and IP addresses in contrast with other search engines. In this way, the possibility of turning over the data to other users will never happen.

Are the displayed results of Cuil far better than Google?

According to some users, the displayed results of Cuil are quite good. It cannot be concluded that it is better or much worse than the displayed results of Google. In fairness to Google, its displayed results always depend on the needs and queries of the searcher.

As mentioned above as one of the major features of Cuil, it analyzes every search whether simple or complex. Obviously, with this feature, Cuil can be able to understand different meaning of words. One great example of the search is for the word “tiger”, the return results of Cuil for this search will display the companies with that name, the golf player and any operating system or software. Aside from the large index and analyzed results displayed by Cuil, it’s hard to conclude that it will be a Google killer.

As an initial reaction from Google, it implemented a blog post concerning to the newly released search engine of Cuil. With this move, Google had been alarmed, thus they paid attention on it.

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