A New Take on the Couch Potato
Making a Living in Your Living Room

“To be successful, all you have to do is give up everything you know”. Asara

We have a little saying, ‘living in your living room’, which has to do with doing what you want to do and if you choose, do it in your living room. And we are talking about making money here, and making all the money you want.

This may not be a new idea, it has been around for a millennium, or more…. What makes it new is that now, we know that what you want, wants you, and you can bring that into being.

Let’s look at our belief system about our economy, everything that goes on in our lives now, with our current belief system, is tied to the economy of the world. Therefore, the circumstances around us tend to affect us, from the news to conversations with our friends. Our relationship with money depends on our relationship to fear and what we accept from the collective consciousness. If we hear and accept that there is a downturn and we will lose our job, or not be able to pay for gas, then it becomes as true for us as it is for others who hear and believe the same things.

We can try to tune out all this scary information, and when we don’t turn it out we lose confidence in what we think we are capable of. Group collective consciousness tells us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, cinch in our belts, cut down on everything we want and need. This thinking can push us into a downward spiral. Belief in lack, draws more lack and more difficulty, it is a downward spiral. We let the world view drive us instead of us driving the world view.

So how do we change what we normally believe is possible and demonstrate instead prosperity, money, financial flow, and even relationships, with grace and ease in our lives? When the world is shifting and changing in the way it is, the doors of perception are opening to allow us to come into a whole new way of operating in the world. And in this change, emotion is our greatest asset, our greatest wealth.

“What you find in your mind is what you put there. Put good things in there.”
Ron Rathburn

This is the time to release our fears of losing our jobs, having less work, making less money than we are used to; and begin to clarify our gifts and talents, and identify and embrace our own abilities, those things we bring to the planet. We can demonstrate how wealth is created, how we are financially secure in all ways, and how we share with other people.

This is our opportunity to shift consciousness and discover what is going on in our lives and the belief structures that affect not only ourselves, but our entire economy. We can create money, financial flow, and financial security as we shift our consciousness to another idea about how wealth is created…through desire, emotion and a neurological shift.

The world view no longer drives us as we come into our own mastery. The world is shifting and changing in such a significant ways. Banks, commerce, trade, and small businesses are coming into a whole new way of doing businesses in the world. There is a much larger world view, and you and I are in the process of changing our consciousness as well. We are lighting up the whole planet with The One Command.

“As human beings our greatness lies not so much in being able to re-make the world, as in being able to remake ourselves.” Gandhi

As we are come into this larger world view, it means you and I are in the process of changing within ourselves, changing our own consciousness, to a larger world view about how we can create our money, how we can secure our peace of mind and find joy, and how we can find satisfaction in any circumstance. Our state of mind is our greatest asset, and that greater part of our own consciousness, theta brain waves, opens our potential to take an idea and create it immediately. We become a world unto ourselves.

Life is change, and changing life has opportunity in it. When there is destruction in life or economy, then there is something happening in our collective thinking. We are responsible for the reconstruction of who we are as a people and as nation. As individuals, we begin to support ourselves and support our nation by making the shift from poverty and scarcity thinking to abundance and joy.

Bowling for Dollars:

So, what do you like to do? Did I hear bowling? Well, you can earn a living in your living room by announcing to the world that you are sharing all you know about bowling. Information and sharing are valuable commodities. So you let people know that you are meeting tonight to talk about bowling. You will provide a pamphlet of top bowling places in your area, and that you are offering a bowling seminar. You are taking the whole culture of bowling and increasing their knowledge of it.

If you have a passion about anything, you have something to share. We all want to learn new things. How about your hobby, what if it is jewelry making? How do you earn a living in your living room? You bring people together to learn how to make jewelry, or charge for fixing broken jewelry. How many of us have broken jewelry sitting in our jewel boxes? The idea is that whatever you know, whatever expertise you have, you can bring people together and share information and exchange money for it.

So what if you could change the world by sitting on your couch? We at Commanding Wealth invite people to learn about The One Command in Commanding Wealth Circles and Workshops. We are skilled at attracting money into our world irrespective what is happening in the ‘outside’. We teach you to become the whirlpools, the vortex for good as you influence others. You can build your life anew and outside circumstances don’t affect you.

Your skills are your paycheck, your money.
Your ability to create an idea into reality, is your wealth.

"Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself."
--George Bernard Shaw
So whatever you want to create is open to you. And you can spend more time on your couch teaching people, sharing ideas, demonstrating your expertise, and changing the world.

For more information on Commanding Wealth and The One Command, go to www.commandingwealth.com and also read The One Command by Asara Lovejoy

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