I was recently gifted with my great-grandfather’s original ordination papers and his preaching license! What makes these two documents so extremely special is they are dated back to 1919 and 1927! My great-grandfather’ name is Henry L. Williams and although I have not done a complete genealogy report I do know he was very instrumental in preaching the gospel in Central Louisiana. He was affectionately known as “The Black Angel”! He helped to establish churches throughout Central Louisiana. What a legacy to leave! So the papers are a true treasure to me, I felt the pride and an instant spiritual connection holding those papers in my hand and heart. This all was very gratifying because I was ordained March 2006.

So this is dedicated to a new member of “All My Men”, the title of my first book. This is a celebration to all our male ancestors who consciously chose to prepare a better society, environment and world for us. I am reminded that our forefathers were strong, brave men who overcame tremendous odds, battles, injustices and wars for us – their generational offspring.

I salute the bravery and courage it took to survive, all the while looking ahead to future generations of family members. The old gospel hymns they sung; the prayers they prayed for us; and the visions of a brighter future, all of these remembrances somehow make me stand taller with my head held higher, proud to be here living in the space that was craved out for me by my ancestors.

Our men past, present and future, I choose to hold you up in honor and respect. Why? It’s my choice to love them with all the love I have for another. I choose to because I love the male energy – my perfect complement.

Excerpt from “All My Men”, ‘Men from all walks of life have shared with me. Young men, old men, black men, white men, Asian and Hispanic men, professional men, blue collar and laborers. Family men, career criminals, homosexuals, the corner drunk or wine-o as we called them as kids. All chose to share with me as only they could. They all chose to protect me, in the way they knew how, they all loved me and today that is simply enough to keep me going and loving them in return.’

To you the reader I ask you to commit your thoughts and comments of ALL OUR MEN to be of your highest consciousness. Choose to love, honor and respect our men. Build them up. Support and encourage them. Perhaps 100 years from now, one of your descendants will be gifted with a written documentation indicating the positive contribution you made for the betterment of all humanity. Let’s Celebrate – It’s A New World Order, as Curtis Mayfield sung about on his last recorded album.

With much Love and Light!!!!

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All My Men – At a time when so many African American men are often cast in a negative light in much of the media, “All My Men” articulates a side of many of these men one does not see or hear about. Compassionate, courageous, determined, inspirational; are some of the words that describe the men mentioned.

“All My Men is beautifully written…contagious...it tugged at my heart. Sandy poured out everything. No holds barred”
Judge Mary Ellen Hicks

“I was in the belly of the whale when I received All My Men. After reading it, I was uplifted and encouraged”
Pastor Carl Booker

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With affirming affirmations and poems throughout, ‘The Rose Garden’ unlocks the hidden beauty and power found in all women at different stages of their lives and in many different situations.

“Sandy Rodgers has reached deep within her soul to discover the secret of the ages, healing the feminine energy”, said Rev. Dr. Barbara King, the Founder/Minister of Hillside International Truth Center.

According to Dr. Na’im Akbar, Professor of Psychology at Florida State University, “This manual will help any woman to ‘weed’ her garden and cultivate the beautiful roses of their being.”

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2. The Rose Garden...remembering our beauty in tough times

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Author's Bio: 

With a lifelong pursuit of learning, community strengthening and multi-cultural sensitivity, Sandy Rodgers is professional, motivated, dependable, ambitious and focused on social reform while mastering interpersonal and leadership skills. She combines her spirituality with her corporate experience creating a unique blend of inspiring change by empowering people.

She is a Youth Advocate in which her contributions began with being actively involved in both Boy Scouts of America serving as Area Commissioner and Girl Scouts of America; Youth Motivation Task Force – Los Angeles 1992; UBITQUITDUS Modeling and Referral Service, helping to build and expand the organization in the Southern California area; Nu Vision Modeling and Entertainment offering inner city youth opportunities to learn and perform throughout the city; worked with the NAACP Youth Department; Motivational Speaker, Atlanta Regional Youth Detention Center; serve on the current Board and is the Conference Facilitator of The World Is Yours Youth Rally in Ft. Worth Texas, currently serving more than 3000 youth annually.

Ms. Rodgers legacy of community service has been global in her efforts to outreach internationally. She began in 1993 coordinating the USA-Berlin Initiative in Los Angeles bridging the divide of artists of various ethnic backgrounds to produce both music and an International Peace Mural in riot torn Los Angeles. Currently she serves as the Matron of African Heritage Youth Club in Ghana West Africa. She is organizer of the Total Wellness Project, addressing the psycho-social needs of children affected by AIDS in Africa, with a team of professionals across the United States. Ms. Rodgers received the International Peace Prize in 2007.

In the health, healing and recovery fields, Ms Rodgers is a fully trained and certified Asst. Residential Director with AA, her tenure includes Last House on the Block and The Bridge for the Needy in Los Angeles. Currently she serves as a weekly group facilitator with Common Ground of AIDS Alliance for Faith and Health and a Level II Reiki Practioner.

Board and community affiliations include Sow As We Grow, Cobb Community Collaborative, Near Southeast CDC – Ft. Worth Texas, Shoot The Hoop, SpunKey Learning Concepts – Phoenix Arizona, Impact Life Global, Southside Ministerial Association, Metropolitan Executive and Professional Registry and NAFE – National Association of Female Executives.

Her work has been documented in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Sentinel, Black Gold Magazine, Compton Bulletin, LA Watts Times, Black Business Pages, Herald Examiner, Marietta Daily Journal, Who’s Who In Black Atlanta – Spiritual Leaders and radio station KKDA in Fort Worth Texas.