It is very foolish indeed to assume that calling on God, Angels, Jesus or any other iconic figure to fix what we, ourselves, have thought, done, or perceived. It is our personal responsibility to enter into all the lessons this earth plane existence presents to us.

Recently I spoke with someone who googled chakras and then proceeded to foolishly open them to any and all energies available in the universe. "But I called on God to protect me", was the protest. We must acknowledge that we have personal responsibility for our own foolishness.

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Many people understand the concept of a guardian (some call them angels) working with us in our lives to make sure we follow a spiritual path in our lessons of life. It is foolishness to believe that someone else, outside of ourselves, can fix that which we have created within ourselves.

When we enter into occult (meaning hidden energies) practices we must be prepared for the consequences of our actions. Saying we are spiritual, even being spiritual, does not prevent us from calling up energies we know nothing about and how to handle in their operation.

As a child I remember the cartoon presentation of a devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other, both speaking in the ear. It could be related to a conscience and doing what felt right rather than being devil may care about the approach to people, places and things.

Some people also feel we have guides that lead us through all our challenges. After all, they have lived an earth life and can see the pitfalls ahead and divert us to another path.

Our spirituality is alive in all these spirit contacts. We understand their presence in our lives as a guardian and guide for our own best good. Are we foolish enough to think that we can do anything, and then turn our problems over to others for solutions to be found?

The earth life, in this material body, is to present lessons of spirituality. These lessons can appear on the many levels of our being from the material, from the spirit, from the mind, all capable of teching us and guiding us through life. But all our experiences can record on our spirit as a spiritual perspective.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: We are not a human being having a spiritual experience. We are a spiritual being having a human experience.

All these experiences lead to the growth and understanding of our spirituality. It is a measure of our spirit growth that continues to function as we pass from this material world into the spirit world at the death of the physical body. So the eternal spirit needs to eliminate the foolishness of life and embrace the spirituality of the spirit within.

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From a young age writing was a passion. It manifested in later years with 2 books and course materials for study. As a teacher of spirituality, Judy sets the standards for workers in the field of psychic and mediumship abilities.