In the spring of 1999, while grocery shopping I was approached by a man who wanted my advice on choosing a piece of meat. I wasn't sure, and told him so. He asked another man, who had even less idea than I did because he was a vegetarian. An older woman joined us wanting to know what was best, roast turkey or smoked turkey. They surrounded me, chatting away.

Then I heard a man's voice behind me, "You can be free from all this." I glanced back and saw a tall, lanky man turn the corner of an aisle and go out of sight.

Did that really happen? Quickly I walked to the end of the aisle to see the man who had just turned the corner. No one was there. Though I didn't realize it at the time, that was the beginning of my association with Count St. Germain.

I've been working with him since then, though I didn't realize who he was until years later. Sometimes he would be in my dreams. Or I would hear a voice in my head, usually just a few words or a sentence. It would always help me to see my life from a different perspective.

I had heard a bit about this character called St. Germain, that he supposedly lived for hundreds of years and could appear and disappear at will. I started to have conversations with him; you could say I was channeling him.

"Are the stories about you true? Can you materialize and dematerialize your body at will?"

"Yes, and you can too."

I asked him for some tools to release me from the illusion, to "get free from all this." He asked me if I was willing to lose everything in order to be conscious. That got my attention.

"What do you mean everything?"

"Everything that you now know as being you. Everything that you now know as being yours."

Huh?! "Is that what it takes?"


It took me a few day of mulling that over before I answered, "Yes, show me how."

Since then I have released massive amounts of the illusions that I had bought as being real. And, I learned and developed some awesome tools and techniques along the way! I now know what St. Germain meant about losing everything that I thought was me or mine. What I thought was ME was really just my story and the beliefs, decisions and judgements I had about that story. The real me is so much more than that and so much more joyful and fun!

Are you ready to give up everything you now know to be you and to be yours in order to be conscious? It is a fabulous, exciting process.

I would love to share my "tools for consciousness" with you and work with you to facilitate your journey. And please invite Count St. Germain to work with you. He is available for anyone who is interested in truly breaking free of "this" reality. It would be his pleasure.

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Biermann does Intuitive Counseling and Energy Healing. She has an amazing ability to create a safe and non-judgemental space in which great healing and transformation can take place. With over thirty years practicing metaphysics, Sarah has mastered a variety of tools and techniques. She developed ImagiCreation which is a new paradigm that allows you to enter an alternate reality from which you can transform reality. Sarah has a private practice in Marin, California. Phone: 415-672-1279