Having courage, speaking the truth, and expanding our self-image....all are essential to personal and spiritual growth. Do women have uniquely female concerns and interests that put them on a different path to growth? And what are women doing to continually evolve and make meaning from life?

When speaking about the portals to women's wisdom, Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. once said that the path to feminine wisdom is less about the hereafter and more about the NOW. It’s about how we relate to our experiences, celebrating our bodies, and the shared meaning of our stories. I have found this to be true. At The Goddess Network, we hear from many women who feel sharing their personal truth about life helps them develop a sense of their own grounded spirituality and stay in balance. It's absolutely a necessary female thing.

Last Saturday, I had dinner with a high level executive in a large cosmetics company. How does she reconnect with her woman-spirit and share her stories about life's meaning? She knits with a circle of friends. Like a quilting circle, I asked? Yes, she said, like a sewing circle where they weave their hopes, dreams and intentions into the pieces they are creating while practicing a prayerful connection to each other. They are able to open their right brains to their intuitive side while knitting, and provide each other insight about everyday issues. According to her, it's her favorite night of the month - a time to learn how to grow both the business and her magnanimous spirit.

Such old, wise woman's ways of connecting are creeping back into our culture. As I rummage around for my old knitting needles, I'd like to get you thinking about ways to grow and share your feminine spirit: sacred circles, deep conversation, creating art, or even attending events that cultivate your intuitive, shamanistic side. Network with your friends and get out the drums on the night of a full moon and celebrate being female. Like our foremothers, we may finally give ourselves permission to honor our own experiences as well as validating others, in ways that keep us returning to our essence. Let's revisit these ideas! May you bloom, grow, and share your goodness with each other each month and always.

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Dr. Charlene M. Proctor is the founder of The Goddess Network, Inc. an on-line educational resource for topics on spirituality, relationships, and women's studies. Author of Let Your Goddess Grow! she is a researcher and educator in the field of women's empowerment and develops self-empowerment strategies for women in all walks of life. She is a subject matter expert for Beliefnet.com, the world's largest self-help and personal growth website. Her affirmations from The Women's Book of Empowerment reach 2.7 million web visitors daily. She currently facilitates the PATH to Empowerment program for Lighthouse Path in Michigan, a residential women's shelter for homeless mothers, teaching them how to cope with life and increase self-esteem and confidence. To learn more, visit http://www.thegoddessnetwork.net

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