When you decide to sell your home online or buy online it is worth considering the following tips. With some of the more customer responsive sites you are able to place the details of your private home sale directly onto the page that your home is being shown this means that if you are a bit of a night owl or work through out the day you are able to change your details as and when you feel like it rather than fitting in with the providers schedule. This ensures that you can edit your details at any time be it sizes, descriptions or more decisively the price of your house. Normally there is some sort of waver saying that the information is all provided by the property owner and wont necessarily hold the complete particulars.

When you are measuring up, ensure you give clear descripions of what dimensions you are giving, from a buyers point of view it is always worth querying anything you arent sure of and most private sellers are more than pleased to answer any questions. The website that a house is being shown on will not have carried out a survey on the house and it will normally be upto the purchaser to have a surveyors report done on the house before exchanging contracts. Always use a qualified contractor to test the appliances and equipment in a house, this will help you to negotiate price if something is wrong. As a seller it is worth having any service information available to allow you to barter for a better price. Ensure you involve a solicitor to look into all legal matters relating to the house (e.g. title, tenure, planning permission etc) as these are specialist issues that will not be looked at by websites. A solicitor also agrees with the seller what things (e.g. carpets, curtains, fixtures & fittings, sheds etc) will or will not be built into the sale.
In other words, you should verify for yourself all information before acting on it, in particular the current asking price, sizes of rooms, ownership, freehold, extent of refurbishments and any issues of specific consequence to you.

If you have a House for sale by owner it may well be worth Homestaging to make your property stand out.

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