How would you like to be a veritable sponge for absorbing information, learning and retaining whole volumes and libraries of information with the ease of a whole host of academics, shocking everyone with your knowledge, winning game shows and sweeping the local pub quiz nights with your quick banter, encyclopaedic brain and almost vast and endless pits of knowledge? Now you can as well with the technology called subliminal learning. What happens is that our minds are quite limited in the learning department, no matter how much we think we can learn. This is because of the cognitive processes that exist in our mind and how we each retain and learn information is different from person to person.

To be truly technical in the matter, it can be safely said that the brain has the capability for almost limitless learning; it has memory banks that seem to have no limit and a memory system that is almost perfect. The only hurdle to accessing this is of course human limitations and the fact that the brain does not function solely as a learning tool for the human being. It also co-ordinates our limbic system, our psychological systems and our human central nervous and emotional processes. Our day-to-day bodily functions also come into the purview of our brain and the cerebral cortex - but all this is not to say that we are incapable of multi tasking. We are, but as the brain concentrates on more than one function at a time, then we might have a diluted experience as our brain capacity is stretched too thin.

Then we must also think about the possible distractions like emotional stress, depression, hyperactivity, learning problems and attention deficit disorders that exist in small quantities throughout people across the world. What needs to be done is to focus the brain into a state that is optimal for both learning new data and information as well as retaining the information as well. We can achieve this through subliminal learning, which is a method that leans the brain into a constant state of learning and absorption. The combination of our vision and our memory system means that the brain has an almost photographic memory, which is available in all of us - the key is in unlocking it.

While ‘remembering’ the information, more and more is absorbed and more is learned at the same time. This can even be done when the individual is asleep, meaning that erudition is a non-stop 24-hour process. Absorbing knowledge better with subliminal learning is indeed possible, as the technology is widely available everywhere you turn. All it takes is logging onto the internet and searching for the right keywords, which is often something along the lines of ‘self improvement’ or ‘subliminal learning’.

Always make sure you do some in-depth research as well when it comes to subliminal CDs and mp3s; go for the ones that have the most rave reviews and third party recommendations. With this, you will have the advantage of topping your class, impressing your friends and be the overall smart guy or girl in your group.

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