Have you been searching for happiness and inner peace?

How would you like to stop that chatter box in your head, right now, and live a happy and peaceful life?
Can you stop for a moment and just breathe. Do it now. Can you hear yourself? Isn’t your mind saying something else?
Something like… “you just don’t have the time”, or “do this later…”

Well, believe it or not, our own minds can be very detrimental to our happy being.
What we don’t realize is that we are a living like a robot. Our daily activities are stressful. We are rushing here and there, and then suddenly you realize… What for? Who Cares?

So take a real time-out ….and start listening to yourself…really listening…

After many years of singing and writing music, I discovered ancient healing chants while visiting India.
I had participated in a singing class with some true chanting masters. Boy what an awakening !!!!
But you don’t need to be a singer to do this, just repeat the following words:

Om Anandamayi Chaitanyamayi Satyamayi Parame

It is called the BLISS MANTRA and it is used to achieve true happiness and inner peace and joy. Try it …

The daily practice of chanting mantras helps us create the best future possible by learning to focus in the present moment.

When all is still, I feel this amazing inner calm, a sense of peace. Now you don’t need to go to India to feel this, you can do it right there where you are now. Or you can just listen to my CD, Zen Voyage for other different mantras.

Get your copy and let me know what happened. If you would like a FREE mp3 to hear, please sign up at http://www.lealongo.com for the BUZZ e-list and get your sample once you have signed.


Author's Bio: 

Lea Longo is a Full time mother, an award winning singer /songwriter. credits include :
Film & television song placements for the movie “Cheaper By The Dozen” starring Steve Martin, “Dawson’s Creek”, “Party Of Five”, “Summerland”, Felicity” and “North Shore.”
Lea was awarded the National songwriter award in 2004 for her song "ugly"
In Addition, Lea is also the co-producer of her latest CD, ZEN VOYAGE.