A few months ago, one of my clients shared with me
that she had been unconsciously keeping her
business small, because she didn't trust she
could manage it if it were bigger. She could
handle the customers she had now, but if she took on
more,she might not be able to give them quality
service. Her solution was to stay small so she
could stay in control.

She was operating like many small business owners
and had developed what I call, "octopus
syndrome", thinking you have to do everything
yourself, and as a result you want to grow more
arms, and have more hours in the day, to get
things done.

Sound familiar? Many small business people begin
all on their own,and because money is tight,
they do everything themselves. What
happens is, that being human, people do what they
enjoy or feel comfortable doing and avoid everything
else. I did this for over a
year with my bookkeeping. For some reason, I felt
I had to do it myself. Well, I hate bookkeeping.
OK- maybe hate is a strong word.
I intensely dislike it. As a result, it didn't
get done. I would much rather write articles,
create new products and develop new
programs because that part is fun and easy for

I finally woke up one day and a bolt of
lightening struck - I hired
a bookkeeper for $40 month. Forty dollars a
month! That is nothing in terms of business
expense, but I had a mental block and thought I
had to do it myself.

My client woke up as well, and hired an employee
to work with her so she could manage more
customers. It sounds obvious, doesn't it, but
when you are in the middle of the problem, all
you see is the problem not the solution.

Why didn't she see this solution sooner?
She had her own mental block around trusting that
her client base and income would stay strong.
She also didn't want to give up her
control. Lastly, she had a hidden fear of success
and concern that she wouldn't have the ability to
handle it. However, now her business is growing and
she is getting ready to hire a second person. Her
revenue has doubled in just six months.

How are you keeping your business small in order
to hide or feel safe?

What would be scary about being bigger?

What block do you need to overcome?

The only way to achieve your goals and grow your
business is by making decisions based on your
goals, not on your fears or blocks. There are
many ways of staying small. Trying to do
everything yourself is only one way. Staying
small feeds your fears, but does not help you to
grow your business.

Begin today to make decisions based on your goals
and you will notice a big shift in your success.

Author's Bio: 

Kaya Singer of Awakening Business Solutions helps small business owners move through mental blocks to prosperity and purpose.