Do-It-Yourself projects are sweeping the nation. Anyone can learn to be an expert as easier techniques streamline our normally complicated projects. Do these new techniques really make our lives easier or happier though? Momentum Coaching announces three new do-it-yourself E-Courses guaranteed to help you live a more authentic lifestyle. Each focuses on a different life challenge: breaking through fear, discovering a new career or creating your ideal lifestyle.

Such challenges can cause us to feel a loss of control, which inevitably leaves us frustrated, scared and off balance. Each of these E-Courses is self-guided to allow participants to savor the process rather than rush it. For maximum growth, clients are encouraged to be completely honest with their answers, even if they don’t particularly like the ones that they arrive at.

Having the courage to stomp through fear, accept a career with passion or live with confidence can be a lifetime gift. Momentum Coaching’s mission is for each of us to energize the moment we’re in. As owner and professional coach, Katie Mattson energizes her clients to stretch their boundaries, deepen their awareness and indulge in life.

“Momentum’s E-Courses allow clients to focus on the changes they personally want to make. Each exercise is meant to help them dig deeper toward the type of life they want, instead of asking for advice from friends around the type of life they ‘should’ have,” says Mattson.

These courses are for individuals who don’t fully understand coaching, who can’t afford a coach or who just want to take the reigns themselves to create action. In some cases, clients will want to transition into one-on-one coaching after completing the course. Momentum Coaching is happy to accept participants as clients to partner in creating a personally fulfilling, dynamic lifestyle.

Each E-Course is available online in PDF format now at Cost is $95 per course. Momentum Coaching also offers other services such as one-on-one coaching, group coaching, retreats and motivational products for individuals looking to energize their moments.

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Katie Mattson is the owner and professional coach of Momentum Coaching ( Katie acts as a catalyst for individuals and small groups to stretch their personal boundaries, face their fears and take big leaps. Through creating awareness and motivation, Katie helps her clients to have the courage to create easier transitions in career and life.