On a recent vacation to Italy I noticed I was just like many other tourists, moving from one place to the next, from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the train, from the train to a bus or car, from a bus or car to a sightseeing location. Most of us put a lot of time, thought and action into deciding where to go on vacation, what form of transportation to take and what to see along the way and what to do once we get there.

When it comes to your career, how much thought AND action do you put into where your professional life is going, how you are going to get there and what to experience along the way and once you arrive? Taking your career as seriously as your next vacation could be one of the best things you could do for your life overall, and very well could give you the things you seek from a vacation¡Xfreedom, new sights, different experiences, meeting new people!

Take a few minutes today, on your way home from work, at lunch, or before you fall asleep to ask yourself the following:

„σnWhat is my overall goal or direction in my career? (If you need clarification on this step visit http://www.waytogoal.com/tools.html)

„σnDo my actions today take me closer or farther away from my goal?

„σnWhat will I do tomorrow to get me one small step closer to my career goal?

„σnWrite down that action and include the expected benefit you would receive as a result of taking that action. (You may also email me at doreen@waytogoal.com as a way of committing to your action).

„σnTake ACTION!

Watch how taking this small action can energize you and give you the confidence to tackle even greater actions that you once thought were impossible!
¡§The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Sally Berger

Please send me an email to update me on your progress doreen@waytogoal.com. I would love to hear how this article has helped you.
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Doreen holds an MBA and has spent over 18 years working at major corporations and small businesses in finance and marketing. As a certified professional development coach at Way to Goal! www.waytogoal.com Doreen specializes in helping committed professionals find careers that are both personally and financially rewarding.