Anyone of you who have read the Google’s Terms of Service, which binds you publisher to Google’s AdSense network, will immediately know how vulnerable you are with AdSense account. The truth is success of AdSense depends on publisher network, like you and me. Do Google realize it?

NoSense # 1: If you violate AdSense Terms of Service, then anyone who access using the same IP will get their account banned, as well as yours. No question can be asked. The only one appeal possible will not bring you anywhere!

NoSense #2: Any credit in banned account will be credited to the advertisers! Who can verify this? Is there any auditing system for such occurrences? I doubt it!

NoSense #3: Even though the AdSense existence and success depends on publishers, they have no say, no do, nor act upon any AdSense related matter! Publishers are treated like 3rd class citizen in the kingdom they build.

NoSense #4: If Google can’t monetize the social network (Google has three year contact signed with FaceBook for a minimum payment of 900 million US $) then your revenue with AdSense is taken down to balance their the earnings report!

NoSense #5: AdSense can detect invalid clicks. But they won’t take that to debit your account, rather ban that account. As per Google's top policy "Be no Evil". They didn't mean it for them, they meant it for you, publisher.

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Sathees Navaratnam