The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, passion. --Nadia Boulanger

A new lesson in the importance of passion as a powerful, inner source of energy was revealed in my life recently. I am grateful to have had the opportunity for the past several years to pursue a livelihood reflecting the things I am most passionate about. When I left my job as a business executive to focus on developing a full-time coaching practice, the decision was based on the sense of meaning and fun I derive from nurturing people's fulfillment, empowerment and success. My passion and enthusiasm provided more than enough energy to get my practice growing. So I became concerned when I noticed my energy level and satisfaction diminishing recently. Through reflection and meditation, riding a few rollercoasters (yes, this really helped!), and some wonderful work with my own coach, I became aware that I was holding myself back from offering my coaching services in the areas I most wanted to work. I really love the personal transformation work that results in people re-connecting with their own power and brilliance and life purpose, but I often chose an indirect and less effective way to communicate this to potential clients. When I followed my heart and intuition and made some minor, but important, changes in the direction I want to focus my coaching practice, a shift occurred immediately--both in the response from others, and in the level of energy and fulfillment I am now experiencing. Passion is once again fueling my life!

When you let passion be the guiding force in your life, your experiences take on a meaningful and magical quality. Following your passion opens doors to opportunity. Think of the movers and shakers you know who really make things happen. Passion and a strong sense of vision and purpose radiate from these people! Living in your passion is a healthy way of nurturing and energizing yourself, and it provides a sustainable wellspring to offer the best of yourself to the world. This is especially important to those of us who are caretakers.

When passion is missing, you may unconsciously fill the void with life drama--either your own, or by becoming absorbed in the fictional lives in novels, television sitcoms and movies. You may notice a craving for gossip, or develop unhealthy addictions in response to a real yearning that can't be satiated with temporary stimulation. Maybe you get by on "contact highs" from other people's passion and enthusiasm. If you do, you diminish your own power and cut yourself off from the source of the vitality you deserve.

Igniting Your Passion

How would your life be different if passion was "an essential condition of everything you do"? Re-igniting your passion is as simple as making a deep commitment to something you desire. The act of commitment itself creates the spark that connects you to a sustainable source of energy and vitality.

Choose an area of your life or a relationship where you want to experience more passion. Deepen your commitment to it through your thoughts, words, actions, and especially through your attention. Notice the quality of your attention to this aspect or relationship for the next several days and observe how your energy toward it changes.

Explore your unmet desires through journaling, meditation, and activities that you enjoy. Try remembering the things you enjoyed doing as a child. How are those activities reflected in your life today? If you want to experience more magic and feel more alive, make a commitment to honor your heart's desires, find your passion, then get ready to move and shake!

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