Adding coaching to your practice is a simple and fun way to increase revenues and serve your clients more fully.

Coaching your patients is something you are probably already doing...talking to them about their health, teaching them specific things they can/should do to live healthier lives, offering advice of supplements and exercises.

Do you find there are some patients that would like to spend more time with you than you have? Are there some patients that could use more guidance but don't know how to get it? Adding coaching to the services you offer is just another way you can help them in a more personal, in-depth way.

How difficult is it to add coaching to your portfolio of services?

Adding coaching is easy. There's a good chance you are already coaching clients, and just aren't calling it that. Rather than offering the service without charging for it, you need to name it and charge a price for it.

Ideas for types of coaching

Are there are questions your patients consistently ask about? Opportunities for learning you see that aren't being met? Using coaching to meet these needs is a great opportunity for you to expand your practice, make more money, and more fully meet the needs of your patients.

Let's look at an example of how a chiropractor could add coaching to their practice:

* Offer health coaching packages individually and coach clients with specific issues: For example coaching for stress endurance. Coaching for insomnia.
* Offer weight loss coaching or physical fitness coaching.
* Rotate offering specific coaching on different topics that complement your practice such as meditation, increasing energy, relaxation

Coaches traditionally charge anywhere from $100 up to $1,000 an hour or more. Depending on your practice and niche, I recommend starting off on the lower end and raising your rates as your coaching time fills.

Integrating coaching into packages you create will allow you to set a price that doesn't necessarily spell out an hourly rate. Many practitioners package their coaching with existing services to increase the value.

For example, a chiropractor could put together a package of 10 adjustments that normally costs $100 each. A $1000 value. For the package, they may discount the services because the patient is purchasing in bulk. Rather than discounting the price, the chiropractor could offer 30 minutes of one-on-one coaching, or free access to workshops or classes you do. You want to offer services that are easy to do, but add value for the patient and ultimately help them achieve their health goals.

Here's what it ultimately looks like:

Ultimate chiropractic health package:
10 adjustments
Five 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions
Develop personal health plan
Free admittance to monthly health seminar held in office for 6 months

Total cost: $2800

Coming up with several different packages with different price points for clients can quickly, and easily, add several thousands of dollars to your revenues and strengthen your relationship with patients.

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Author of Powerful Interviewing Techniques for Healthcare Marketers E-book, Kelly Robbins is an award winning copywriter and marketing coach/consultant. She also publishes The Healthcare Marketing Connection, a free e-zine on healthcare marketing tips. Contact Kelly to receive her free report, "5 Critical Mistakes Healthcare Marketers Make that Lose Sales and Plummet Profits" - or 303-460-0285.