Change is a major part of the equation of our experience of life.

It does not take a qualified researcher to see all the changes that are going on in the world around us today. Whether it is to do with warming up of our earth, body changes, environmental issues, natural disasters and changing states of mental health, fears and anticipation for future events, all things are changing at a radical pace, and undeniably so. It is almost as if we are working in fast forward, and that all of the events happening around us are becoming accumulative. Each new experience or event seems to come with more preceding it. We are faced daily with seeing the effects of the current pressures relayed on our bodies. It plays with our minds as we hope for something to break through and give us some peace of mind for the future.

When seeing these changes, it does not help to dig our heads deep in the sand because we know that it does not matter how much we try to ignore change, it is inevitable. Change is part of life and even when we try to hold onto the past, we pave with every moment a new way into the future. Becoming aware of what is happening around us is one of the first steps to coming to some sort of balance inside ourselves. This is determined by acceptance that change is actually occurring.

Unfortunately though, as we face things that we have the inability to understand we are finding that the stress is starting to envelop us. This stress starts to show through in our beliefs of life. We start to try and place things into perspective by coming to terms with ideas surrounding the possibility of ‘the end of times’. What if the end of times actually meant the end of fear or pressure created out of the thought that we will one day die? This is a fact of course, we will one day, each and every one of us, die here on this earth in physical. When things then happen around us that do not sit within our structured everyday acceptance, things relating to change, we automatically grab for death as the ultimate resolution. Thinking that we are all going to die or come to some great event that will ultimately test us. This is just one stepping stone towards acceptance of change. It is acknowledging change as being the ultimate flow of creation that will inevitably bring results in one form or another.

This method of thinking, when coming to terms with change, leads people to wanting to know how the future will play out. They want something solid to focus their mind on and yet as they are confronted with change at such a great pace daily in their lives, they find it more and more difficult to feel settled. This is created out of the need to have strict order and balance in life, and a necessity to hold onto the past and things that people feel comfortable with. Uncertainty brings great levels of stress and imbalance in a person’s life, creating all sorts of mental issues and annoyances, even a huge amount of pressure on the body when it comes to health. We are finding it hard to keep up with things for the fact that we are overtaxing our mind with stress and anxiety.

When looking at these events for what it really means it becomes evident that people are having trouble staying within the moment and are finding it hard to come to terms with what they are dealing with around them. They want to grab for things here and there in a hope that all will just right itself overnight, without having to put the effort in to adjust to change. There is then no room for building up an acceptance of ideas for helping themselves deal with the events that are occurring in their lives. They will feel pressured by the thought of even having to listen to things that mean that they will have to see that changes are taking place.

Eventually a person will reach an acceptance point when they see everyday so many things changing in their world around them. They will start to read books, and soak in all information from every source they can find in order to find answers that will help them through this time where life seems to be progressing at a faster pace. They no longer keep focusing on the future so much, which only creates fears of the unknown. Instead they opt for a new way to see life and that is in the moment, through dealing with things at a gradual pace.

When a person sees life back to base, back into the now, they really do find that time slows down enough that they have the chance to see all for what it is. This means that they can deal with things as they come, no matter what the experiences are. They find solutions to the problems in the time of need by sourcing information in the present experience. This area of space that we create from, the now moment, is the space to which we define our experiences. We are coming to terms with things in now time, and finding solutions that can help us into the future.

Rather than asking what is going to come of humanity in the future, we should really be asking more often, what can we do now to help ourselves for the future? If we are dealing with problems how can they then be solved little by little, making our environment just that bit more acceptable and livable? Dealing with the problems at hand is the first step to helping ourselves. It creates a better path to our future if we concentrate on dealing with change in the now moment, rather than letting it overwhelm our senses and take over our coping mechanisms. Remember that we are still alive here because of the fact that we do cope and deal with our world. It is part of the bargain of life, change, and will be part of our experience for all the times to come. If we have already coped until now, then there is no doubt we can cope with the times ahead. Just by focusing on the now we can make adjustments to change, creating a more solid path towards all the experiences that come to us now and into the future.

By Stacey T Pollock

Author's Bio: 

Stacey T Pollock is an author who writes about the mind and her personal perception of life and the physical world. She has written books to do with creation theory and the mind and matter, coming from the standpoint of a person who studies all viewpoints of life around her. Her philosophy in life is that we can obtain an understanding that links all philosophies together that can allow for creativity and choice on how we wish to experience life.

'Life is a perception of the mind; all the answers are within us'

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