Naturopathic doctors recommend adopting a detox diet to help clean the body of accumulated toxins. Toxins usually accumulate when the organs involved in the detoxification process of your body become inefficient or unable to function properly. This can happen because you constantly load your body with toxins from eating processed foods, breathing in polluted air or using over chemicalized products. It is no wonder that you suffer from several chronic symptoms like bad breath, bloating, gas, eczema, frequent migraines and more.

Fruits and vegetables usually comes with adopting a detox diet. However, not just any regular produce will do. You maximise the benefits of your cleansing regime when you use organic fruits and vegetables over regular produce for a detox diet.

Organic fruits and vegetables are produced by purely natural methods. That means that they are grown by farmers without using herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilisers. As such, regular fruits and vegetables tend to contain pesticides and toxic metals.

In addition, toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, aluminium and mercury enter the soil through various pollution channels and get absorbed by the plants. So, if the farmers do not pay heed
to these aspects, your fruits and vegetables may contain heavy metals as well.

Even after harvest, non-organic fruits are treated with more chemicals to hasten their ripening. Preservatives may also be added to prolong shelf life. All in all, your grocery shopping of regular produce which appears to be healthy and "fat", can contain more chemicals than you possibly know of.

Additionally, there is also mounting evidence indicating that organically produced plant foods are more nutritious than conventionally grown food. Specifically, a published research study reported that organic fruits (apples and pears), potatoes, and wheat showed higher nutrient content than their conventionally produced versions by a factor of 90 percent. Another study showed that antioxidants content in organic produce was 600 percent higher than conventionally grown food.

You can choose several type of organic fruits and vegetables for your detox diet. Apples make up one example. They contain pectin, a bountiful source of fibre, which slows the absorption of naturally occurring sugar in the apple when you eat it whole. You are not likely to find a sudden surge in blood sugar that often accompanies eating junk like cakes and cookies.

The various detox diet programs recommend different ways of eating organic fruits and vegetables; some by eating them whole, some by juicing and others, a combination. For whatever it is, all programs recommend that you use organic fruits and vegetables over conventionally grown crops.

If you want to get better health, then consider using only organically grown fruits and vegetables for your detox diet and and superior nutritional content on an everyday basis. Although they can costs more, the benefits that you derive can more than make up for the difference that you pay.

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