Much of my recent personal work has been to quiet the ego that can bring us down and resurrect my connection with that universal divine power that lifts us up out of worry, fear and sabotage. I realize this is a bit spiritual for a health tip newsletter but I believe healing is most successful when the emotional and spiritual components are addressed as well.

We all have our own belief systems and our own way of looking at the world. Our perception is everything. It rules our thoughts, which in turn affect our health. If we are constantly judging others, and ourselves trying to control the outcome of things, and living from our past story we may not like what our perception is bringing us. Depression, anxiety, fear, guilt, worry, and disease are all symptoms of an unhealthy spiritual perception.

What I mean by spiritual perception is a way of looking at our world and life that has either healthy or unhealthy emotional impact on our being. Some think that to be spiritual we need to live in fear and guilt and suffering. Well I think we have all had plenty of these emotions and if this is what gets us to heaven we should all be there by now. Guilt is past and fear is future, suffering is just what we allow when we separate ourselves from that inner guidance.

Whatever your belief system is, I wish you love, happiness and inner peace. Being thankful is one of the best things we can do to alleviate the stress in any situation and replace the fear with love. It takes practice in a world that bombards us with negativity to find this way of thinking again. We had it as children, but our domestication stripped it away. Regain you strength with love and gratitude, the negative emotions just tear us up.

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Dr. Diane Spindler is a Licensed and Certified Traditional Naturopath with a PhD in Nutrition. Her specialties are Blood Chemistry, Hormones, Immune, Neurotransmitter, and Allergy Analysis, Metabolic Balancing, Kinesiology and Iridology. Diane is a doctor that helps people heal themselves. Contact Diane at (303) 697-1736