For those seeking to exercise greater control over their own aging process, science has made considerable advancements in it's research, and more importantly, in actual human results.

The most exciting results and advancements have come from the stem cell branch of study. Specifically, adult bone marrow stem cells.

Recent presidential debates have publicly opened the door to the amazing power discovered in adult stem cells. How do these discoveries effect human aging?

The two grades of aging

Science tells us that there are two distinct measurements of aging, chronological and biological. There is nothing that can be done to halt, or even slow down chronological aging. Chronological aging is based and measured entirely on the passing of time.

If you were born forty years, ten months and twenty seven days ago, chronologically that is your age. However, chronological aging is not nearly as important as biological aging. Biological aging details how the body, or more specifically, the organs are functioning based on a measure of years.

For instance, a person may be thirty five years old yet have the lungs functioning at a performance of a twenty year old. The opposite may also be true. A person can be in their early thirties yet have their body and organs functioning at a much older age. Therefore, understanding the difference between chronological aging and biological aging is of key importance in the control and suppression of aging.

But what determines the rate in which biological aging occurs? The body's ability to renew itself.

Stem cells and the aging process

Interestingly enough, adult stem cells seem to be effected by chronological aging. Science has proven that at a certain age, usually between twenty five and thirty five, the body's adult bone marrow stem cells dramatically reduce their circulation within the body. This in turn significantly reduces the body's renewal process, leading to organ degradation, a breakdown in function and the advancement of aging.

A key point to be aware of is that the adult stem cells are in fact still within the body. Every human being has millions upon millions of healthy, genetically intact adult stem cells within the bone marrow. However, there is a point in time when the body significantly reduces it's release of bone marrow stem cells.

As this release is slowed down, aging begins to speed up. The key question now is, is there anything we can do to stimulate the release of bone marrow stem cells?

Here are four specific steps you can take to put the brakes on the aging process. 1.Rigorous exercise; Numerous studies have shown conclusively that rigorous exercise has a positive effect on the body's aging process. Exciting new studies also indicate that exercise stimulates the body's release of bone marrow stem cells.

2.Breathing exercises: Deep, systematic breathing exercises such as chi kung or yoga have shown very positive results in the areas of aging. Deep diaphragmatic breathing oxygenates the blood, which in turn helps to maintain cellular health.

3.Proper nutrition: obviously this is not a new concept, but certainly worth mentioning. Properly feeding the body with essential nutrients is elementary in slowing down the aging process by simply keeping organs biologically sound and healthy.

4.Stem cell enhancers: In recent years science has discovered specific nutrients that greatly help the body release it's own bone marrow stem cells into the blood stream. These enhancers facilitate the circulation and travel of adult stem cells throughout the body. This has shown to be a massive advancement in adult stem cell science.

Science has proven that we are not as vulnerable to aging as we once thought. There is a certain measure of control we can exercise if we decide to. The stimulation, release and circulation of your own adult bone marrow stem cells can literately be the passage to the fountain of youth.

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