Here is a quick overview of an exciting place to visit that you are
unlikely to forget in your lifetime. This is the epitome of natural and
untouched beauty! Queenstown or as it is affectionately known
‘adventure queenstown’ in New Zealand is the gateway to the Southern
Alps and some of the world’s greatest skiing and snow boarding

Before you arrive in the adventure capital of New Zealand do a little
research, find out why Adventure Queenstown is so popular and plan
your trip well. Adventure queenstown has bungee jumping, jet boats
and skydiving along with many other activities to get your heart

If you want excitement this is the place to be. Once you are settled in
Queenstown checkout where everything is located. Plan the activities
around a one way trip so you can take advantage of the magnificent
panoramic countryside as you get your adrenaline dosage.

Your accommodation host will be able to give you a comprehensive run
down and tourist map of what is available in this adventure paradise.
Let them point out to you the best way to go. Then confirm the places
to visit by asking the locals that reside in the business centre.

Remember, and contrary to popular belief your memorable stay will not
necessarily depend on how much you spend in this town. There are
many things to do that don’t need a lot of money, including spotting
the often seen movie stars that frequent the town.

That’s a quick overview so book ahead if you want to have a great stay
without disappointment. This place books out frequently and there has
been a lot of people asking for help without accommodation. That’s it
for now enjoy the best in adventure queenstown.

Dan Cavalli
As an active advocate of the glorious New Zealand town of
Queenstown, ‘The Adventure Capital of the World’, Dan enjoys writing
about his experiences in this unique destination. Dan is also a
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