Success or failure of an online business depends mainly on the internet searches. Those who are searching for specific products and services will potentially put hundreds to thousands of dollars in your pockets from your online business.

The most important thing to consider is that those who are in need of a specific product or service are accustomed to getting their information fast, accurately and to the point on the internet. Therefore, it’s oh so crucial that you offer what your potential clients want in a clear, concise, simple way.

As an internet marketer, your very first priority is to attract many web visitors to your site, turn them into long-term clients, and build up a loyal clientele base. Once you have built up a solid base, you can expect positive returns.

There are various online advertising methods that bring in great results. There are millions of individuals and companies operating online who want to advertise what they have to offer, as well as many who provide advertising space.

Even if you do not yet have your own product, an excellent way to get a feel for the internet and at the same time make some money is to start searching! Considering the enormous size of the online advertising market, the most effective way to find out where and how to start is to do a search for certain keywords specific to a product or service you would like to promote.

Important facts to consider at the outset:

• Search for online newsletters, directories and forums, compatible to your desired product or service, offering advertising space on their sites.
• Of these, select the ones that are consistently receiving high web traffic.
• Post your own ads for your product (if you have one).
• Go and check out some of the major advertising clients on these site venues, specifically those within a niche close to but not competitive to your product.
• Those who have a product you need or like may be looking for affiliate marketers. That’s your chance to make good commissions!
• If you do it right, you can advertise your own product/s with a referral link to one or two of theirs in your signature line. Or
• You can actively promote theirs directly with separate ads.
• It’s a great way to start off earning some money, building a list, as well as collecting links to your [eventual] site!

Consider this scenario. Say you have advertising contracts with twenty websites receiving an average of two hundred visitors per month. That could potentially give you two million advertising exposures every month per advertiser! That means that if you promote twenty affiliate products per advertising site, you would have forty million advertising exposures every month.

The next thing to consider is what type of advertising you should use. Here are some suggestions. Most affiliate programs come complete with advertising tools!

• Banner ads. These ads usually show a picture of the product. They are mostly used on high-traffic sites and include a hyperlink back to the advertiser’s own site with your affiliate ID. They are priced according to the number of ads shown.
• Sponsorship ads. These ads can be large with a considerable amount of text. These are typically found on high-traffic areas, such as online newsletters. They are priced according to the number of readers of the newsletter or publication in which the ad is placed.
• Pay per click (PPC) ads. This type of ad is priced according to the number of clicks generated through visitors to your site. They are mainly text ads.

Starting off by advertising online is a wonderful opportunity to profit and learn at the same time!