Business owners who take possession of their insurance specifications become a little less dependent on their brokers, and do a lot better than those who don’t. If you get that, and actually do it, you will find this notion surprisingly valuable.

From there, you will naturally start collecting market intelligence, because there is nothing to stop you. You don’t have to get your broker’s permission to check things out for yourself. You can simply email your specs to whoever you chose, and each time you do so, you will learn something valuable. The efficiency yields fierce competition for your business, and the results are simply fascinating.

This insight has led us to go into the business of helping people put their specs together, and become a hub of market intelligence from which our clients can draw deep and valuable insights. We needed tools to get this done efficiently, and when we couldn’t find them, we built our own custom online software. Now we find ourselves cranking out specs for more and more clients, and accumulating ever more fascinating market intelligence. This simple concept just keeps getting more and more interesting.

So, do yourself a big favor and take ownership over, and possession of, your insurance specifications. It is totally within your power to do this yourself. We’ve provided explicit instructions in The Buyers Guide To Business Insurance. You can even get that book for free - just use the “Send Me The Book” button on the right side of my blog site ( If you lack the time or the energy, but would like to get it done, it is easy to have us do it for you. With that job accomplished, you will be in an enviable position of power and knowledge as you deal with the insurance marketplace with extraordinary efficiency.

Whatever you do, don’t spend another day allowing outsiders to be in total control over insurance specifications that are essentially yours. Whether you realize it or not, there is a huge price tag associated with doing so.

Author's Bio: 

I've been helping people deal with the insurance industry for over 36 years. I was working in my Dad's State Farm office when I was 16 years old. I got my insurance license when I was 18. I've been pounding away on this topic ever since, and I am 52 today. I've witnessed alot of abuse of clients over the years, and feel there is a lot of room for improvement in this industry. Rather than waiting for the industry to get fixed, I wanted to help buyers deal with the current realities.

So, in 1992 I spent about 2000 hours writing "The Buyer's Guide To Business Insurance" with my good friend Larry Heischman. Together we answered the question - "How should buyers deal with insurance brokers?" The book has proven entirely road-worthy, but most people just wanted me to do it for them.

So by 1993, I had founded Insurance Cost Reduction Services. Ever since, I've been helping clients save surprsing amounts of money. We've delivered some $20 million in premium savings by helping contractors and other businesses learn and implement these strategies