The structure of consciousness is a series of agreements.
As a 20-year veteran of the information technology world, I have observed firsthand that all programs are created as and from individual lines of ‘code’. In layperson’s terms, each line of code, or ‘sentence’ is an instruction to do or be something or not to do or be something. There are conditions and attributes to all of these instructions as well, and triggers and function calls for when each instruction should be given and how it should be followed through upon. Our minds work the same way.

Most personal development work is done working with eh conscious mind and its habituated patterns and the subconscious and its conditioned responses. The real drivers, or engine for our core personality or egoic structures lie in the unconscious mind. How does one access the unconscious? Hypnosis is one way. Finding a system of self-inquiry that seeks the root cause of self-limiting situations and behaviors is another.

What is an Agreement?
Agreements form the foundation of our personality structures. We make these agreements as part of our childhood conditioning / socialization process. One example of such an agreement is the ‘burned child’. The child touches fire or a hot stove for the first time and pulls their hand back from the heat in shock, or a parent, filled with fear, grabs the child away from the heat, or the child is actually burned and experiences both the shock of the burn and the fear of it happening it again. The child then makes an unconscious agreement to avoid the experience of being burned and/or to prevent it ever happening again. An example agreement is; “ I will never touch the stove again” so later in life food preparation becomes an issue but the person never really knows why. Or, the child could make an agreement to dislike heat or fire leading to later physical phobias or heat-related symptoms.

The examples used here are simple ones. Most of our agreements are much more complex and pertain to larger life issues than whether to touch a hot stove or a fire or not, but they function in exactly the same way.

When and Why do we make these agreements?
We make agreements in response to the experience of shock or fear. The bigger the shock or the more intense the terror, the stronger the agreement we make. These agreements form the rules that we live by, quite literally.

As infants we make thousands of these agreements on a daily or even hourly basis as we experience and define the world around us for the first time. Many of our agreements are taken in and assimilated form our parents and/or collective consciousness as well. Most are completely unconscious.

We make these agreements in order to define and label the world around us, to explain our experience of it and to find our place in it. Our agreements, taken as a whole, make up our perception of life and how it functions.

What is the Matrix Change process of Self-Inquiry?
The MatrixChange process was a download directly from Spirit to me in 1999, as the result of a profound and heartfelt plea for a ‘shortcut’ to the ‘peeling of layers’ process, so common in spiritual growth practice.

How does Matrix Change self-inquiry classify the types of agreements?
In Matrix Change self-inquiry, agreements are grouped loosely into two classifications, although the types of agreements we make are infinite. The two larger categories of agreements we talk about in the MatrixChange process are those that are shock-based and those that are fear-based. Each agreement will be triggered by one of these root emotions, or some permutation of them. For example, a fear trigger could be covered over by anger, since anger is a product of fear. When we look at the root of the issue presenting, the issue turns out to be the experience of a perceived threat of some kind, or fear, rather than anger.

For the purpose of working with our issues, we call shock-based agreements commitments (because they are usually stronger) and we call fear-based agreements contracts (because they cause a contraction of some kind in our bodies, lives and/or awareness).

Commitments and contracts, or shock and fear-based agreements, are the foundations of our personality programming. Processing commitments and contracts is the heart of the matrix deconstruction technique. When you are really ready to let go of something, you can process the commitments and contracts that hold your programming in place and the whole architecture of the program you are working with will collapse along with them. Blast the foundation, and the building collapses along with it. Pull the tap-root of a dandelion and the weed will not re-seed itself.

Our personality structures are constructed of layers, as most of us know. The deepest layer of any process is the commitment or commitments made during the original imprinting of the program. This is the ‘root’ of the program. Commitments are a result of, and response to, the shock and shattering that occurs in original imprinting. A commitment is usually held in place emotionally by shock / shattering / plus a combination of denied or unconscious fear/terror/anger/rage/horror or other uncomfortable emotional patterns. This base level of shock is often felt as an extremely uncomfortable vibration in the physical body or the nervous system. It is often described as the feeling of wanting to ‘jump out of your skin’. The discomfort comes from the vibration of other emotions trying to cover up the experience of shock. Emotions have different vibrational frequencies, so when conflicting emotional charges are present simultaneously in the body as a mask or cover-up for shock, the frequencies vibrate against one another and literally "rub each other the wrong way".

The layers that sit on top of or surround the commitments are the contracts. Contracts are constructed of fear/terror often overlaid with or interspersed with anger/rage as a defense mechanism. Contracts act like armoring around commitments, protecting them from discovery and ‘obligating’ the program to hold itself in place.

When our commitments and contracts are in place, they constitute the rule-base we will live by for the rest of our lives.

Once we have our personality structure, our rule-base, our conscious minds not only live within that structure, they add to it and argue for its existence. An example of this is belief systems. Belief systems are usually layered on top of or are woven in with contracts. A belief system is, pure and simple, a thought pattern that you argue for. Your programming perceives some benefit in maintaining a thought pattern so it becomes a belief system, literally “words to live by”.

Thought patterns are the ‘habitual’ layer of programming in our personality structures. Thought patterns are the ‘tapes’ in your head… the ones you are so used to that you ignore them until you get pushed up against them when something comes up. Thought patterns are largely held in the mental body, in the conscious mind.

These layers are not separate structures, but parts of a whole construct, a root structure in the personality. The agreements, belief systems and/or thought patterns do not sit separately, one on top of the other like a layer cake, but are interwoven, like the different colored threads that make up the patterns of a rug or basket. Emotional charges interpenetrate ALL the layers, right down to the roots.

The Architecture: (top down)

Thought Patterns:
A thought pattern can be most easily recognized as one of the ‘tapes’ that runs in your head all the time. Patterns of thinking that are habitual and resist change. Thought patterns are reinforced by emotional patterns or habits of behavior.

Belief Systems:
A belief system is a thought pattern that you argue for. It has some perceived benefit, according to your programming. Belief systems are also reinforced by emotional patterns or habits of behavior.

Contracts sit on top of or wrap themselves around commitments like armoring. They act like a protective shield holding the commitments in place and protecting them from discovery. Contracts are constructed of fear / terror, often with anger / rage layered in with or on top of the terror. They are often caused by trauma or perceived threat of some kind.

Commitments are the root of all personality structures. Commitments are made in response to the shock of some form of original imprinting. It could be a birth imprint, genetic inheritance, an in utero experience, or something carried through from a past life. The 'when' is less important than the 'what'.

The object of matrix change self-inquiry is to find a window into the unconscious at the deepest possible level and to clear the personality structure from its roots.

Are there deeper levels than these structures? Yes! There are deeper levels of agreement and there are agreements that act like overlays to our basic universal principles like the Law of Attraction. Say you have an overlay (or core agreement) that activates every time you try to activate the Law of Attraction on your behalf. The overlay or core agreement (which is not truth! Don’t get confused!) will filter or re-direct your conscious intention and attract what it is programmed to attract, rather than what you have intended. This is why users of ‘The Secret’’s principles often get mixed results. The fastest way to shift your Quantum Blueprint is to find and remove your programming at its roots – at the deepest level possible over time, or in any given process or session.

Sometimes you can go right to your commitment(s). Sometimes your contracts are so heavily armoring your commitments that you have to find and release the contracts before your unconscious will allow you to see what they are protecting. Sometimes you have to look at or clear layers of belief systems / thought patterns / and heavy emotional charges to get to either contracts or commitments.

Processing contracts and commitments requires a committed intent on your part and the full participation of your intuitive faculties. Releasing commitments and contracts is not difficult, however, and usually produces results in an amazingly short amount of time. The determining factor for ‘success’ is the amount of committed intent you bring to the work. Are you really ready to change? If so, the process unwinds itself as fast as the pace you set.

Remember “It’s only a program”. Your programs are not who you are. You do not need to identify with these agreements, although they are programmed to make you believe that you are they.

Change your programming and you change your mind (literally). Change your mind and you alter your perception of reality. Delete your deepest limiting agreements and your intentions will begin to work for you much faster and more efficiently.

Ask yourself, “What did I agree to for this to be occurring?” (It doesn’t mean it’s your fault. Remember, it’s just a program doing its job) Ask intuitively and you will begin to be shown. Delete the code, and you will be free to be who you choose to be.

© 2003 MatrixChange, Inc.

Author's Bio: 

Over the years Mary has been an entertainment production assistant; an information technology entrepreneur (25 years of independent consulting in database technology); a corporate officer; a certified martial arts instructor and wellness trainer; and a professional coach and mentor. She is a classically trained musician, environmental activist and amateur nature photographer.

An initiate in several eastern and western mystery traditions, Mary has spent most of her life studying vibration, perception and consciousness. This passion has led her to many teachers, healers and wisdom traditions, encompassing the teachings of Vedanta, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Huna, the Toltec traditions, Native American and Celtic wisdom teachings and various forms of Mysticism.

The synthesis of these inner and outer pursuits has become the matrix change process for shifting the quantum blueprint, creating deep and conscious transformation.