Look up, look way up! Organizing solutions can be as simple as looking up and looking under. When you think there’s no where left to go—it’s time to get creative with your storage.

Look Up
-Shelves are a great way to display collectables as well as store items for everyday use. Consider using floating shelves instead of bookcases and small tables for books, candles, toiletries, spices, and jewelry. Clearing floor space will make the room look bigger.

-Try tall narrow bookcases instead of low wide ones to save horizontal wall space.

-Try a row of hooks for towels, jackets, dog leashes, tea towels and more.

-Save room in your garage by using a bike hoist and overhead storage bins. Get tools off the floor and on hooks on the walls.

-Often an extra shelf can be installed above the existing shelf in closets.

Look Under
Wherever there is free space under furniture, there is an opportunity for storage.

-Under-bed storage bins, space saver vacuum bags and even bags that linens come in are great options for under a bed, or under couch or chair storage. Tuck away out of season items such as winter sweaters, Christmas decorations, and heavy blankets in these dust-free containers. Bed too low?- there are risers that you can purchase that will give you the lift and space you need.
-Blankets can also be folded and placed under the mattress (a good way to improve a sinking mattress, too!).

-Often vertical space is wasted under sinks. Add a second shelf (even if it is not the entire length of the cupboard). Don’t let the U bend get in your way—use it as a small shelf (great for a lunch box, bath pillow, or wash clothes), buy a special under-sink shelf, or build shelves around it.

-Add hooks to side walls of cupboards and backs of doors.
Don’t have room for guests? Try a trundle bed, which pulls out from under an existing bed.

Remember, we want the things we use most often at eye level and in reach. Those things that we use occasionally or seasonally, should be tucked away either high or low.

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