In a nutshell, we are beings of energy and light, souls, living within a physical body here on Mother Earth, here to fulfill our specific purpose, our piece of the puzzle as a soul, to create a better world for ourselves and all of life, ultimately to re-create the divine restoration of our original plan.

The more consciously disconnected we are from this truth and our specific purpose as a soul, the more dysfunction and illness we have in our bodies and lives. The more dysfunction and illness we manifest, the more depressed, stressed out, sick and fearful we become as individuals and as a humanity.

But………., there is hope. It’s never too late to change our ways, unless of course we self destruct our home, Mother Earth first. This is a matter of free will but as the awakening process to these truths continues to flourish within each one of us, things will improve for us as individuals and as a whole. We are connected as one energetically. What affects one of us, affects all of us. We are not separate from one another.

Thanks to dedicated lightworkers around the globe, we are in the midst of a major evolutionary change at this very moment. We are working to turn things around for our destiny. We all are directly connected to Mother Earth energetically. She is a living breathing planet and she does sustain our lives. It’s time to consciously awaken and remember these truths, to consciously activate the spiritual parts of our brains, to our full potential. It’s time to re-align ourselves with our true divinity from within and our purpose for being here to re-create a new way of life for us all. It is truly possible to create positive change on this planet and within ourselves and our lives. It starts with one baby small step at a time in a new direction.

What we are experiencing on the planet right now, all the storms and earthquakes, etc…that is Mother Earth purging herself from all of the atrocities we have bestowed upon her.
Our reality is being turned inside out, the economy, our government, and all structures are re-aligning to create a better world for us all.

In the end we all will have peace and abundance that is our divine birthright as souls here to re-create the new.

The soaring fuel prices are forcing us to find new alternative ways which are more in harmony with our planet. This is about coming together to help and support one another, to re-evaluate our priorities. As we continue to connect with our souls within, we will begin to feel compassion for others, we will want to help each other, which will create unity and bring forth love and light which lifts our reality up into higher levels of ascension.

As each and every person on the planet begins to heal and re-align themselves with their soul from within and their purpose, things will change. Our priorities will change and our well being and peace as a whole will rule over our financial gain or our abuse of power over each other.

As we connect with our soul from within we become much more loving and compassionate toward others. It’s easy to see that humanity is disconnected from their fullest divine potential. All of the horrific things we are seeing happen on the planet at this time is all the darkness and dysfunction being pushed up to be healed and released.

As energetic beings of light, it is through energy and light that we heal ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our emotions and our lives from root levels as we begin and continue the healing and ascension process. It will be through energy and light that this takes place.

It’s totally possible to heal our body, mind and spirit from any illness and dysfunction through the holistic healing modalities of Reiki, Hypnosis and the Counseling of Holistic Psychology to further our understanding of the truth.

It truly is through the power of our minds that we heal ourselves because our emotions and our cells respond to our thoughts. When we heal our minds from the past through hypnosis, we then can affirm positive thoughts to create positive emotions, to send positive messages to our cells to create healthy, happy, bodies and lives for ourselves.

We are conscious manifestors through our thoughts, words, actions and feelings and we have created the world we live in through those senses.

Since we were disconnected from our divinity within, our ego minds created the mess we are in now. This is the importance of connecting to our spirits from within, our higher selves and that guidance to re-create the new from a place of love and authenticity, compassion and unity, purpose and passion which is in alignment with our true purpose for being here. This is how we will create the new.

First we must connect to our spirits from within, which takes place through the power of Reiki and Hypnosis, to begin the healing process from the past and move forward to create a new. That is the cycle.

Currently all the old ways are falling on the planet. The abuse of power, greed, manipulation, control, hidden agendas, etc… all that dysfunction is falling and those souls who were out of alignment, they will have the opportunity to redeem themselves through the laws of karma, by channeling their energy is ways which support those lightworkers who are of the light, those who have been working to create the new. Those false ways are no longer supported and will be and are being exposed as you’re reading this article. We will see more and more of these secrets being exposed as things continue to change.

This truly is an auspicious time to be on the planet. Although it looks as though things are grim, things will improve once the old falls and the new begins to take form.

No one is a victim of circumstances. We have the power to create whatever we desire. We are conscious creators. It’s time to re-align ourselves from within to our true purpose for being here and use our powers as conscious creators to fulfill that purpose for the betterment of all of life.

I’d love the opportunity to help you find your way through this transformational process. The services I have empowered myself with have been carefully set in place to assist you to do just that, as I have done for myself to help create this beautiful new world we’re about to see.

This work that I do is my piece of puzzle, my purpose for being here as a soul within a physical body. I am a lightworker and holistic healthcare provider here to help you with my services.

Please feel free to visit my websites to learn more about me and what I have to offer you to bring new health, peace, abundance, hope, meaning, purpose and passion back to your life, like I have done for myself.

I send you unconditional love and light as my fellow brothers and sisters.

Lori Keeley

Author's Bio: 

Hi, my name is Lori Keeley and I am the founder of “A Path to Transformation”. I am a Certified Counselor of Holistic Psychology, Reiki Master Teacher and Hypnotherapist. I empower clients in healing themselves and creating a pathway of reconnecting with their spirit, intuition, purpose and passions. My clients deepen their learning and overcome the limitations of self sabotaging thoughts, words, actions and feelings that block them from living a healthy and prosperous life, personally and professionally.

Are you ready to create positive changes and live your most fulfilling life?