A lot of skin care products out there claim to be “all natural,” but what does that really mean? The truth is that many of these products are anything but natural...here’s how you can find out if your favourite product is a hoax.

Natural products must contain natural ingredients...this makes sense, right? Well, the problem is that a lot of cosmetics companies hastily paste the words “all natural” on a product without actually checking their ingredient list. Certain things are undeniably natural, though some things take a bit more investigating to comprehend.

When you think of natural products, what do you think of? Most people will automatically conjure up images of water, mud, vitamins, and certain minerals. These things are truly natural items, which mean that any skin care product made from them is bound to be all natural. Why does all of this “natural detective work” really matter?

Since your skin will absorb anything that you put on it, those things that seep into your skin every time you apply a skin care lotion or cream really do make a difference. While most people wouldn’t dare bathe in a large tub full of chemicals, this is essentially what you are doing to your skin when you spread chemical based skin care products on it.

The biggest issue that many people face is the health & beauty industry itself. As companies grow larger, they begin to add various marketing phrases to skin care products. For example, even though a product may not contain any amount of natural ingredients, many skin care companies still use the term “natural.”

As a consumer, it might be hard to tell natural products from those that are filled with synthetic ingredients. In order to make sure that you are purchasing a product that is truly good for your skin, take the time to read a bit about the product itself. Aside from consumer reviews, good skin care companies should have plenty of literature related to their products.

Learn about all aspects of a skin care product from the ingredients to the filtering process. If there is an ingredient that you are unsure of, spend some time researching this ingredient. Most all natural skin care companies openly list all details of a product on their website.

If you think that a product is not natural (even though the bottle claims that it is), stay away from this product if you want to protect your skin. Skin is a hard thing to take care of, which is why it requires a lot of attention and care. The more that you learn about your skin, the easier it will be to avoid aging quickly.

As soon as you learn how to read labels, care for your skin, and research a product, you will be able to start your skin on the path to that desired vibrant, youthful, look. Remember – even though a label might say that a product is all natural, it isn’t necessarily the truth.

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