You really can create love, joy, and abundance now! You do have what it takes to reach your desired goals. These can also be your success stories.

When Glen realized the truth about commitment, it no longer frightened him, and he was finally willing to ask Sherry to marry him. Cindy's life was much more fun after she overcame her negative thoughts about playing. Steve found himself more at ease at work and at home when he realized he could simply demonstrate his love and skills -- he did not have to try to prove himself.

Judy overcame her fear of intimacy and is enjoying her new partner. Jan and Bob had a happier marriage and family when they began to understand what their children wanted and needed, improved their communication skills, and learned how to solve their problems. Karen and David decided to stay in their marriage after they resolved their personal and couple issues.

Barry and Lynn overcame their fears of success and were able to follow their dreams. Katherine finally won the "battle of the bulge" and easily maintained her desired weight. Kevin released his negative issues about money and was promoted to a higher paying position.

When Mary identified and released the negative beliefs that caused her to hurt her knee, she avoided an operation. Jennifer's back felt great after she released her stored anger constructively.

Early in my practice as a Marriage, Family Therapist, I developed the HART process, which stands for Holistic And Rapid Transformation, to help people enjoy health, happiness, and success.

The essence of HART is based on the three levels of consciousness. Freud labeled them the superego, ego, and id. I refer to them as the high conscious, conscious, and subconscious (or unconscious) parts of us. Everyone can access all of these states of being. It is important to be able to shift into the specific level that will enable you to act appropriately to whatever is happening.

However, a majority of people spend most of their time in their conscious level and are unaware of their subconscious and high conscious. That means that they are living life with one-third of themselves. Imagine how limiting it would be to live in one-third of your home. Have you been aware of your three states of consciousness?

Imagine a house that has three floors. The "attic" or top floor is where we find the high conscious. The "first floor" is symbolic of the conscious, and the "basement" represents the subconscious. To live fully and to better understand others and ourselves, it is helpful to be able to access all three floors.

In the "attic" we connect with the high conscious. This is the part of us that is creative, free, unlimited, unconditionally loving, wise, faithful, and trusting. It is also referred to as the higher self, spirit, "Wise Person," all good and all knowing part, sixth sense, super ego, and God-Self.

When we are in this state, we are likely to experience peace, bliss, joy, love, and acceptance. There are no fears or questions here, just insights and solutions. It is not programmable. It is our all-wise, all-knowing, and all-loving state of being.

Do you recall experiencing this high level? Where were you? What were you doing? What did you do or not do that enabled you to raise yourself to that state?

Clients and students have told me that it was the same high they had experienced with drugs or alcohol. Could it be that some people take addicting, altering drugs in order to experience their higher self? How wonderful it is to know that you can get there in a natural, healthy way whenever you choose. It is always available to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is like having a 'feel good' experience with your all-wise consultant -- and it's legal and free!

One way to connect with your higher self is to listen to your intuition, which is your sixth sense. I suggest that you trust your gut feelings, or what you hear or see with your inner ears and eyes, or your pure knowing, which is known as telepathy. Everyone is intuitive. It comes with the human package.

However you choose to connect with your higher self or spirit, I suggest that you set your intent to spend as much time as you can in this level. Then you will have a way to help yourself feel good, receive guidance, and act in loving ways to others and yourself.

The conscious state is on the "first floor" of your home. This is the part of us that is aware of what we perceive is happening. Our logical minds and five senses (see, hear, smell, touch, and taste) are offering us information. For example, I am aware that my body is comfortable in a firm desk chair, and I smell the scent of blossoms in the air.

Most people are very familiar with this mental state of being because this is where we often need to be in order to work and take care of others and ourselves. It is our human, functioning part.

The mind is like a computer in that it is programmed. In other words, it makes decisions based on experiences or data. Therefore, if you learned in school that 100 + 100 = 200, you have that memory in your mind, and you can call on it whenever you need to use that information. However, if you have learned that 100 + 100 = 250, you will think that is the truth. Therefore, the accuracy of the information in the conscious level is based on your experiences.

In the "basement" is the subconscious (also referred to as the unconscious, lower self, id, instinctive behavior) where we find fears, limitations, beliefs, and cell memories. The information is based on natural instincts and decisions that are made from our experiences. Often, they are not based on reality.

An extreme example of being stuck in the subconscious can be found in the cases of the mentally ill. The people suffering from paranoia believe that others are out to get them.

I believe that most people have some unrealistic fears. For example, there is the fear of flying, heights, elevators, or swimming. Or more personally, people are afraid that they are not good enough because they were often criticized as a child. Unfortunately, we project our past decisions onto others. For example, we often think and feel that our boss or partner believes that we are not good enough.

Since the subconscious level is controlled mostly by the decisions we made from our experiences, our perception of reality is unique to us. For example, you may be upset with your boss, but you don't know why. He is basically a nice person, but you feel anxious whenever he is around, and you react strongly to his comments. It could be that you are relating to him as an authority figure, and he reminds you of a critical parent or teacher.

In the conscious state, we are usually aware of our upsets or good feelings (symptoms), but we are often not aware of our decisions (causes) that are stored in the "basement." Therefore, if we want to change our lives, we need to go to the "basement" to clear out the old, negative decisions and create new, positive ones. Then we can create the love, joy, and abundance that we desire.

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