Alpha/Theta Brainwaves Make you Smarter
By Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
Pioneer Brain/Mind Researcher
© 2007 All Rights Reserved

I’m sure you have heard about endorphins – the natural “feel good” biochemicals your brain produces when you exercise. They make you feel good.

But did you know that the endorphins released when your brain is in the combined Alpha/Theta brainwave state also dramatically improves your ability to learn and remember?

Neuroscientists believe that the parts of the brain that produce endorphins are the same areas involved with learning and memory. And one study at Northwestern University established that when we learn something, the brain "rewards" itself by releasing endorphins. This is believed to cause the memories of the new materials to be better consolidated for later recall.

In other words, learning and memorization are easier when there are high levels of endorphins in your brain – a brain state associated with a pattern of combined Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

Likewise as you focus into a brainwave configuration with good levels of Alpha and Theta there is another big plus: It becomes easier to replace old beliefs and negative attitudes with more positive new beliefs and attitudes.

Plus there’s even more at work here.

It’s not just more neuropeptides that contribute to better learning and memory: Alpha and Theta brainwave states are associated with relaxation. And when you’re relaxed mentally, your entire body relaxes. This increases the volume of blood and oxygen flowing to your brain – increasing your mental alertness and attention. This both contributes to better learning and memory, and creates a “feel good” attitude.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Jill is a doctor of psychology and pioneer brain/mind researcher. She was one of the first to introduce mind power training to the corporate world, and has for the past 35 years worked with world-class leaders in the corporate, entertainment,political and entrepreneural sectors. The scientific director of the Quantum MindPower Gym, she is also the author of "Zap Your Life - Feel the Power," and the popular "Zap Reality Challenge."