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By Andy Reiss Intuitive,ArtistWriter.Altered AWARENESS.
Feb 6, 2008, 11:20

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ARTWORK Missing: 315 Pieces Of Modern Paintings Were Stolen By Robotic Clones, Reported By A Reputable Person (Name withheld). A Resistance Is In Force To Retreive Them. A Group Of 10,Creatures Surrounded This Person, In A Telepathic & Out of Body Encounter in October 31 - Nov. 30, 2007. This Group Attempted To Induce Their Universal Symbol On Each Piece Of Art Material,Similar Like On Earth, Merchandise Has A UPC (Universal Product Code). The Artwork Remains Physically Intact To This Day But Has Gone Through A Renewal, To Maintain Its Integral State Of The Art,Even More so,Since This Off-World Encounter, Took Place,A Protective Plan Is Currently In A Powerful Mode, To Ensure Its Elevated Position, Accordingly The Culprits Were Imprinting Their Symbol, A Universal Code On The Paintings, Implying What,We Humans Call Intellectual Property. This Theft Did Not Succeed,Nor Can It Impact, Any Future Endeavors, As Realized By This,Source(Human)Based on a Report,AS Registered in The Cosmic Protocols, Non-Interference By Off-WORLDS Development, In exchange With Less Evolved Planetary Cities/Societies. The Search Remains Ever Vigilant. To Chase Away The Uninvited

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